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  • zephyr

    The level of desperation on the right is an ongoing embarrassment. I mean really, who cares whether the prez shoots skeet or not – or how often? Big hairy deal. Get a life already.

  • Momzworld

    ………….and then there’s the small issue that the President has been a little busy since the gun uproar took over the country. Skeet shooting? Probably not. Even if he had mentioned it before this, wouldn’t the reaction of many been about the same as it is right now? Just wondering……………

  • EEllis

    This sickens you, Why? That such a minor thing gets anyone worked up shocks me.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    This shocks you, Why? That such a minor comment would get anyone so worked up sickens me.

  • dduck

    What gets me worked up is poor management of information. Obama’s “people” should have told him to mention this a long time ago as it is a big nothing.

    NOTHING is secret in Washington, that’s Politics 101. Now, is the time to turn this into a plus by explaining to the American people the differences in gun ownership, responsibilities, registration, etc. In other words, make lemonade out of this little lemon.

  • petew

    Give me a break please, indeed!

    Obama’s mention that he occasionally went skeet shooting, was not intended to reduce the Second Amendment to only preserving the rights of hunters and hobbyists. He was merely demonstrating his belief that not all guns need to be banned and not everyone that uses them, are dangerous to society.

    During the first four years of his administration, Obama failed to forcefully confiscate all of the guns in our personal and private possession—like many in the NRA foolishly believed he would. He has never advocated for completely eliminating guns, and, the fact that the recent shootings in Newtown, provided a political platform from which to launch new regulations, reveals nothing new either. He has ALWAYS FAVORED COMMON SENSE gun RESTRICTIONS like universal background checks and prohibiting the use or acquisition of semi-automatic weapons. Furthermore, whether he has always been a skeet shooter or not, is, of course, irrelevant—because it is entirely understandable that he would want to demonstrate his opposition to removing ALL weapons from private use by illustrating that, he actually did, and does occasionally , use them for such benign purposes.

    It’s too bad that the press is inclined to comment on so many non-stories like this, in order to stoke the fires of controversy—by pointing their eyes and pens at completely unimportant and trivial stories like this—apparently to sell newspapers and gain viewers for their cable channels.

    One of the biggest problems is not whether appropriate legislation should limit gun use, but how to end the apparent paranoia from the right and the NRA concerning the belief that, the Government wants to take all their rights to own weapons used for self protection away. This is not true and never has been true, and, no amount of harmless skeet shooting implies a hypocritical disrespect for the constitutional right to bear arms.

    This is right up there with the “palling around with terrorists thing,” and, the idea that a bumbling Dick Cheney deliberately attempted to shoot one of his duck hunting partner.

    Wherever and from which side all of these absurd, supposedly significant accusations come from—left or right, AARP, or ASPCA,for that matter, they are still ridiculous! It seems almost like we manufacture so many conspiracies and hypocrisies in this country, just because we are bored by the normal types of legitimate stories in the daily news! Please! give us a break from people that love to make mountains out of mole hills, and members of the press who stir up non-existent issues just to satisfy their personal ambitions, and also their personal willingness to legitimize insanity as the most sensationalistic story of all!

  • zusa1

    This could be shrewd politics by BO in response to what Bill Clinton said.

  • sheknows

    I absolutely agree with petew. What is the point of all this? Are they trying to say the president should have DISCLOSED that he has handled a gun during his lifetime?? Is that supposed to imply he is… lets see, anti-gun or pro-gun or just hiding some “ugly” truth from the American people.
    Well, I for pne say it certainly is damning…whatever the hell it’s supposed to mean.

  • dduck

    The Brady Campaign gave a F rating to Obama, perhaps he is now trying for an A.

  • EEllis

    I absolutely agree with petew. What is the point of all this? Are they trying to say the president should have DISCLOSED that he has handled a gun during his lifetime??

    No they are reporting that a Congress Person doesn’t believe Obama when he spoke about skeet shooting and that he was most likely lying about it as a political ploy but that she wasn’t quite sure enough to say so. But more than sure enough to be certain she could beat him at skeet.

  • dduck

    Whoa, you just blew your great coolness (compliment).

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      Hi all; We follow admin rules set out in commenters’ rules to keep this a civil commenting area and also to keep it as an exchange as it has NOT been in some threads that have turned into highjacked threads and a one-commenter only– comment after comment after comment– on the same thread. This is not the ‘whichever commenter’s name’ show. If you want to highjack threads or leave 6 comments on a post where there are only 7 or 8 comments total, that’s not going to continue here at TMV. There are millions of sites on the internet where you can leave 10 comments for every 1 left by others, go on and on about whatever that has nothing to do with the topic of the post. But not here.


  • cjjack

    The thing that cracks me up about this is the fact that for a good portion of our recent history, a good portion of folks on one side of the political spectrum have made considerable efforts to portray armed black men as scary.

    A couple white guys dressed in camo, sporting military-style weapons? Why, those are patriots! A couple black guys dressed in camo, sporting military-style weapons? Run! It’s the New Black Panthers!

    Now that it suits their purpose, they present the idea of a black guy carrying a gun as absurd.


  • zusa1

    I don’t think they are presenting it as absurd but politically convenient.

  • sheknows

    Either way, whether he should have disclosed this earth shattering information earlier, or he is lying about ever shooting a gun at all, the implication is that he has once again in the Republican mind, been or is being dishonest.

    How would it serve him either way politically,think about it??…. Ah, but how would it serve the critics(accusers) to make an issue of it? That’s why it pisses people off.

  • sheknows

    What could possibly be a” political ploy” in saying he shoots skeet occassionally. A ploy contrived to do just WHAT exactly??

    It doesn’t change his stand on gun control, but it DOES reiterate his stand on finding nothing wrong with hunting and sport shooting. He has said that all along so again….what is the point of those comments?

    They are on the same order as Hillary faked a concussion. ( which most of you right wingers still believe).

  • zusa1

    Bill Clinton recently admonished the left not to look down their noses on the parts of the country where there is a local gun culture. Obama was previously pretty condescending with his clinging to guns and religion comment. In contrast, this is what he just said:

    “Part of being able to move this forward is understanding the reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas,” Obama said. “And if you grew up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were 10, and you went out and spent the day with him and your uncles, and that became part of your family’s traditions, you can see why you’d be pretty protective of that.”
    The president made clear that the women of the Obama family do not go skeet shooting with him.
    “Not the girls, but oftentimes guests of mine go up there,” Obama said in the interview. “And I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations. And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake.”

    I think he listened to Clinton and is trying to mend fences and establish a common bond. He’s saying something like: “I’m not looking down on you, I go shooting too.”

    Obama is not politically stupid.

  • sheknows

    Perhaps you have a point Z. He may have said it for just that reason. But he had ALREADY stated, before that” clinging to guns and religion” comment he had no intention of depriving hunters and sport shooters their guns. That would be the rural population primarily.

    But supposing he did want to confirm understanding of that tradition by stating that he also enjoys the sport, why comment at all on it if not to create yet another GOP “spin”.

  • zusa1

    Because the timing was politically convenient and could be viewed by the gun culture as disingenuous. You can’t expect to win a group of people over with one speech. It doesn’t seem that out of line to me to be skeptical.

  • cjjack

    Because the timing was politically convenient and could be viewed by the gun culture as disingenuous.

    As a person who grew up in “the gun culture,” I think I can honestly say I’m missing your point.

    To me, Obama’s admission that he’s been skeet shooting doesn’t strike me as all that odd.

  • dduck

    SK, said: “They are on the same order as Hillary faked a concussion. ( which most of you right wingers still believe).”
    NO, that is what YOU believe that most RWs believe. I don’t think most left wingers still believe that most right wingers still believe that HC faked the concussion.

  • sheknows

    dd, you have a short memory. We just had a post about this a couple of days ago by Joe Gandelman. How Hillary wasn’t grilled enough about her concussion on the interview….remember???!!
    Yes, because of right wing garbage like that one, left wingers still think right wingers believe that Or Joe ( my guess ANOTHER left) wouldn’t have written the article.

    The mentality of the right wingers to even suggest she was faking isn’t as surprising as much as consistent.

  • zusa1

    SK, I watched the clip on you tube. They were mocking her and the 60 min interview.

  • dduck

    What Z said. Watching the clip which showed spoofing of the interview escapes “some” left wingers and “some” make the mental leap to say “most” whenever they get the chance.
    I give most LW the benefit of the doubt and that they recognized it for what it was.

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