Obama’s Pentagon pick faces critics at Senate hearing (via AFP)

The Vietnam War veteran picked to lead the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel, sought to reassure lawmakers Thursday that he was ready to back military action if necessary against Iran or other adversaries. Facing tough questions from some senators at his confirmation hearing, Hagel said in his opening remarks…

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Wow, McCain and Inhofe have some serious balls to say Hagel is naive and on the wrong side of history with regards to Iraq. I mean, how wrong do you have to be to penetrate the fog with these guys? Reality is just another hurdle to jump with them.


Thedir attacks are meant only to disparage Obama’s choice. It could have been anyone…like a Republican war veteran who received praise from his own party members not too lopng ago.

These guys are just putting up a smoke screen to somehow discredit Obama’s decision making, and if God forbid, there is any kind of “incident” in the future, they can point a finger at the administration for his “poor choice”.
They are basically sacrificing him on the alter of their political intentions. They would kill one of their own to accomplish that mission without even batting an eye.


Sen. Graham is getting more rabid by the day. Is he up for re-election or something? Benghazi bullying deja vu.