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Posted by on Nov 10, 2008 in Religion | 0 comments

Obama Plan to Withdraw from Iraq Would Spell Disaster!: Kitabat of Iraq

Last week I posted an article from Iraq with the headline, Election of Obama a Chance to ‘Offset’ Iranian Influence. Continuing our coverage of Iraqi reaction to Obama’s election, today we have an article by Khadir Taahar, which is from the same newspaper, Kitabat.

Readers of the Moderate Voice will recognize his name, since this is the tenth article the people of WORLDMEETS.US have translated by this author. In today’s article, Taahar warns his compatriots that they had better sign the long-term security agreement with the United States before President Bush leaves office or, ‘Iraq will be wiped off the map, torn apart and destroyed forever …’

By Khadir Taahar

Translated By James Jacobson

November 6, 2008

Iraq – Kitabat – Original Article (Arabic)

If American President Obama implements his promise to withdraw from Iraq, it would be a collective catastrophe that would overwhelm all the necessities of life in our homeland. We would return to the prehistoric and dark ages and would perhaps end up worse than Somalia.

Before delving into the implications of an American withdrawal, we must reckon with a stark truth, which is the failure of the Iraqi people and their leaders since the establishment of modern Iraq in 1921, particularly a complete lack of politicians and national parties which defend the nation’s interests. It is because of our tendency toward national self-destruction that without the American umbrella and its protection – all will be lost.

READ ON AT WORLDMEETS.US, along with continuing Iraqi coverage of the war and the U.S. election aftermath.

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