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Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Economy, Featured, Guns, Law, Military, Nature, Passages, Religion, Society, War, Weather | 12 comments

Obama as A Shootist: Har

Some of the blogosphere commentary about the right/wrong way to hold a certain firearm, makes me smile. Especially when the opiner is trying to dun Obama for what is for the Prez a newbie hobbyist pursuit.

Many comments across the blogosphere seem to be from rankle-ankles unhappy-with-Obama … and wanting to critizise his whatever, whenever they can. Good enough. But/and…

I’ve a different view of shooting– that there are a thousand ways, a million ways, effective ways [plural] and people whose hand-eye coordination to spacial relationships are ace accurate, or way off or only mediocre. From witness over a lifetime, I wouldnt be on ‘the one way only’ soapbox.

Coming from farmers and hunters and fisher people– not only long ago in grandpappy’s days: but right now: We werent tourist hunters, not seasonal hunters, not weekend hunters, not target practicers, not shooting range goers.

I have seen rifles with various gerryrigging and old fine stocks, handmade, homemade, and revolvers with loose grips…

and stances in shooting varying from blooming sideways on uneven terrain, in wind and storm, shoulder in/out/ up/down, and upside-down off the side of a horse,

and my brothers and uncles and some hard-riding aunts would agree utterly that the idea of ‘stance’ being this or that, is cud for ‘gentleman shooters’ only.

When the prize is an full rack elk, or a bleeding bear, or stripping out the mountain lions who kill the deer thereby depleting food stock… and one is bloody and bruised from days of tracking and all the common assaults of weather and loss that goes with… the family doesnt give a rat’s rear end about ‘how to stand.’ Just to take the best shot given wind, weather, movement sideways, up or down or traverse.

The land and its creatures
We move with them,
not against them…
We have no ‘formal’
‘this and this only’ way,
made up by whomever
under ‘pret-nice’
controlled conditions.
The forest,
the high country desert,
the mountains, move.
Even the breath
of a creature
laying in rest
moves the guard hairs
of its pelt
softly right and left.
We too, move our legs/ arms/
shoulders/center of gravity/
this way and that,
to find
best shot.
We live
in the living Heart
of the land
and her animals,
not in the lard
of the head.
The land and
the animals
move ever up
and down and diagonal…
we too,
as we move across
the terrain
filled with life
and overland,
my life
being only one
of many here.

Some wanting to codify stances, argue this or that is ‘the right way’– Fine. But Prez or no Prez, shooting around on a Sunday isnt the same as hunting– which is not the same as ground combat with firearms.

I’d be with hunters of ruth heart. And those shooters who practice who also hunt for food sustenance they are dependent on. And in the blessing prayer for safety of all, who regardless of how they have to twist or turn to take the shot’ are in danger –for they are in the midst of a war, or public safety crisis, or facing off a creature with five long sharp razors in each heavy paw.

For the rest about critiquing whomever politician who is neither a shootist, and not an artillery soldier, nor hunter, the criticizers can have at it. But those who come from daily hunting cultures are laughing at the trivial assertions by those wanting to criticize a politician on frivolous matters… as arguing about, as we say in the backwoods of those who like hobby shooting and weekend crawling about in the thickets: ‘bullets spent for naught now and forever.’

Some bawling over ‘how to hold a rifle’ seems a mite of an issue that attempts to make a mole hill into an ant hill. Yet, the overarching issue that catches my interest seems moreso to have become, like the ‘birther’ismo still trailing about, the entertaining assertions ‘about Obama’s way of handling a firearm’ that come from armchair opiners who think there is ‘only one way’ to carry/unwrap/load/hold/shoot.

The same stance about ‘one way’ to fight/ ‘one way’ to shoot, is what took the lobster-backs, that is ‘the redcoats’ of the late 1700s to their utter doom, along with the foolish king who trained them to such: putting their ‘rose-red-royal’ noses tilted upward in formality and form –high above backwoods utility and common sense.

Just my .02, from a witness to hunters who if need be, could shoot a hunting rifle with one arm extended, no shoulder support, and hit their target straight on.

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  • dduck

    Yeh, but could he catch a chicken with his bare hands in under a minute.

  • zephyr

    There are also many unorthodox ways of playing guitar. It’s the results that count. Btw, re; dd’s comment, I’m still waiting for terrible Ted (the mighty predator) to go up against a bear ala Tarzan.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    easily dduck. a chicken in under a minute… Not just catch, but wring neck and start to drain blood and defeather in your time brackets… no olympic events for this, I’m afraid, it was common undertaking by most everyone on the roads then, including us’ns. Branding a bull on the other hand took a few more minutes just to lay him down.

  • KP

    Oh my, dr. e. Probably the best comment I have read on this site, ever.

  • ordinarysparrow

    thanks dr. e. i do hear….reminds me of the experience of being a horse woman and then moving to the city and finding very different worlds, ways, and words…

    also agree with KP… giggle…thanks

  • dduck

    dr. e. Must have been faster chickens when I tried as I had to use a wire with a loop at the end. 🙂

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    i think maybe difference is, chickens when free to range right outside back door, dont run away from those who feed them… there’s also, as you know, rocking the chicken and putting it to sleep, which was done before taking the lethal move.

  • dduck

    This was in a big coop with hundreds of them and the roosters would try to attack me. It was long time ago, but I think this was an egg producing operation.

  • ordinarysparrow

    for sure… dduck you got to watch out for those roosters…

    i spent a year down in Flint Hill and seriously advocated for a rooster’s life on the grounds that he was just doing what roosters do and since there is little brain matter he could not be expected to make considerate choices… he was going after everyone that stepped outside… my advocacy diminished after he cornered me while attempting to feed the chickens. He would jump straight at the body jabbing those horrific spurs into the flesh and then turn them. It was a most frightening attack. A few weeks later a deputy sheriff came out and the rooster went after him, so he shot the rooster .. this is a fowl story but it is true….

  • dduck

    I used to bonk them on the head with the pail I was carrying and also practiced kicking field goals. Some got the message. 🙂

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      dont try that on a rooster, they’ll take your eyes out first, then your family jewels, or fj first, then eyes, depending how tall the human is and how slow to react.

  • dduck

    I only did that to the roosters, the hens were OK.

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