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Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 in Breaking News, Crime, Democracy, Guns, Health, Mental Health | 0 comments

Do Not Politicize The Virginia Shooting

Already people on both sides of the political fence are trying to make political points out of the tragic shooting in Virginia. This echoes what happened after the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona.

To all who would try to do this I say STOP.

There can be no political gain out of something like this.

This is not a political act, it is the act of a most likely mentally unbalanced person. While they may have had some twisted motive based somehow in politics that does not mean it should in any way be used to broad brush any political faction, party or candidate.

Senator Sanders has, to his credit, condemned the shooting in the strongest terms. While I may not agree with him on all of the issues the idea he, or any member of Congress, would support these kinds of acts is ludicrous.

Yes, there are some hateful comments out in the blogosphere but that does not mean we should respond to them or try to counter them.

These events are said to bring people together.

Well let us come together to make clear that we will not allow anyone to turn this into some sort of propaganda.

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