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Posted by on Nov 28, 2015 in Featured, Society | 34 comments

“No baby parts”: Colorado terrorist to police

NBC is reporting that Robert Lewis Dear, the North Carolina native arrested Friday for a mass shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, said “no more baby parts” while talking with law enforcement officials.

The phrase references discredited video distributed this summer by anti-abortion extremists.

The officers quoted were not named but identified as having “knowledge of the case.”

Dear was able to legally buy “an AK-47 style, high-powered rifle used in the shootings” despite a record of violence: “domestic violence against his then-wife in 1997” as well as an arrest as a “Peeping Tom” in 2002.

The names of the two civilians killed in the rampage have yet to be released. The policeman killed Friday was identified as Garrett Swasey, a 44-year-old father of two. According to The Guardian, a Planned Parenthood spokesman reported that its 15 staff members were unharmed. This suggests the two killed were patients, but the Colorado Springs police chief would only say the names should be released Monday after the autopsies are complete.

Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers said security cameras in the clinic showed the gunman wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a rifle as he walked calmly through the building.

No mainstream media has yet referred to this as domestic terrorism.

However, Peter Holley at the Washington Post asks: Did ‘whiteness’ save the life of the alleged Planned Parenthood shooter?

Both are the consensus on Twitter:

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