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Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Announcements | 1 comment

New Keyboard

I received my new keyboard.  Amazon Prime and the USPS manged to get through the snow and ice yesterday.  My old keyboard had become as dysfunctional as the US Congress.  Apparently the combination of spilled wine and cigarette ashes create a concrete like substance that might make a great building material but plays hell with keyboards.  So I hope I can start posting again.  Yes, I still use a desktop computer because my 25″ monitor makes life much easier for my nearly 70 year old eyes.

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  • Bob Munck

    Just did a few upgrades to my desktop too:

    27″ 4K Monitor — 3840×2160 (Dell)
    New graphics board to support it
    850W power supply to power the graphics board
    4TB internal HD, because I had the case open
    USB 3.0 board, same reason
    Big USB 3.0 hub, for the new USB board

    I’ve turned the old monitor, a 21″ Ultrasharp, sideways into portrait mode, 1200×1920.

    I’m in Hog Heaven.

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