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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Featured, Israel | 3 comments

Netanyahu wins Israel election after sharp shift to the right

Netanyahu wins Israel election after sharp shift to the right

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a come-from-behind victory in Israel’s election on Wednesday after tacking hard to the right in the final days of campaigning, including abandoning a commitment to negotiate a Palestinian state. In a four-day pre-election blitz, Netanyahu made a series of promises designed to shore up his Likud base and draw…

  • Slamfu

    It’s sad that a plurality of Israel’s voters are signing on with the guy who has no serious plan to reduce tensions in the area. I understand it since Israel has been more or less a state of siege since it was formed. Still, just an indication that people there are not more sick of war and tit for tat actions than they are leary of what a peace settlement will bring. One side will eventually have to take a huge psychological leap to jumpstart the peace process, will have to let the anger at past wrongs take a back seat to the desire for peace, for things to genuinely move forward. And it will have to happen when the other side is receptive at the same time. That poor region. Those poor people.

    • epiphyte

      @slamfu – I think you’re on the right track with putting the past in the back seat – but there’s something which must come before that, which is to accept that your historical foes are people too.

      From the late 70’s onward in Northern Ireland, the higher education system was homogenized – with young people – future leaders, from across the communities finding themselves confronted with the cognitive disconnect between the hate that their elders sought to pass on to them, and the day-to-day reality that the people they were supposed to hate – their classmates – were no different from themselves. That in my opinion was what broke the back of that particular conflict.

      Unfortunately in Israel they have done the exact opposite – built a wall to ensure that the otherness of the enemy is perpetually assured, and just today rallied support for the nationalist cause with eliminationist rhetoric directed against their own citizens.

      …Things are not looking good.

  • epiphyte

    One would think that the Israelis of all peoples would not want to be alone in the world. Why on Earth are they behaving as if they do?

    I’ve lived in many divided places in the world, including both Northern Ireland and the middle-east, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned which you can take to the bank, it’s that giving credence to rabble-rousers never causes anything but misery for all concerned.

    Not a good day for Israel, or the rest of us.

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