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Posted by on Jul 19, 2006 in At TMV | 20 comments

Nasrallah’s Death Wish

If this is a correct report, Hezbollah’s Sheik had better say his prayers NOW.

Arutz Sheva – Ma’an: Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour to Flee

Arab press sources close to the Hizbullah say that residents of Tel Aviv will be given one hour to flee before the terrorist group launches a barrage of missiles at the city.

The unnamed sources are quoted by the Palestinian Authority-based news agency Ma’an as saying:

“The Lebanese resistance is preparing a retaliation parallel to Israel’s military actions. Hassan Nasrallah will address the people of Tel Aviv and warn them to evacuate the city within one hour. As soon as the delay ends, hundreds of heavy missiles will start landing in the city, which has been divided into squares in order to let damage reach every inch of the city. An estimated 500 missiles are expected to land in Tel Aviv in a short period of time.”

The Arab sources further said that the Hizbullah has been very careful in cultivating its public image, in order to increase the surprise effect of the planned barrage on Tel Aviv.

The war, from the perspective of Nasrallah, has not yet begun, the sources said, adding that other “surprises” planned by the Hizbullah include more kidnappings of Israeli soldiers from along the Lebanese border.

Also claiming to have “surprises” in store for Israel is the Gaza-based Islamic Jihad. On Tuesday night, the terrorist organization claimed to have fired a Katyusha rocket at Sderot. The Katyusha is a more deadly rocket than the Kassam, and is being deployed against Israel in the north of the country by the Hizbullah.

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  • grognard

    If they could fire 500 missiles at once I think they would have done so by now. I do wonder why Hezbollah did not target foreigners for kidnapping or retaliation attacks. The only “surprise� I see is when Lebanon once again falls into civil war.

  • SnarkyShark

    I do wonder why Hezbollah did not target foreigners for kidnapping or retaliation attacks.

    Because they are playing to the worlds sympathy.

    Doing a fine job of it.

    If one buys into the Pro-Isreal slant in North America, then one would wonder why the would give any notice at all, being bloodthirsty sub-human A-rabs and all.

    If one can see outside their dearly held pre-concieved notions, one can see that Hez is playing a pretty decent game with a pretty weak hand.

    But of course, being objective and un-biased is clearly anti-semetic.

    just remember, the rest of the world is not etting the sanitized for public version we inAmerica are being spoon-fed.

    So when this doesn’t go to Holys script, I imagine the cognitive discordance will be consider-albe.

    I also fail to see hw 500 rockets in Tel Aviv will make Isreal any more bat-shit crazy then they are now. its like when those two kids were tortured and executed, and all the righties had a shit fit. Why we ought to do….what?

    Kill em? We already do that. Cut em up and roll around in the peices? Drik their blood? What?

    Thats the problem with coming out nitially with your outrage meter fully pegged. There’s no where left to go.

    I mean Isreal has been trying to kill the guy from the start. Are they gonna try to kill him now doubleplusgood?

    Isreal is boxing herself in. Pretty soon the only thing left will be to move into Lebanon itself and occupy the place.

    That didn’t work out so well last time, and I garuntee that the IDF commanders smell a trap bigtime. But since this is out of their hands, the will have no choice but to move in and bear the consequences.

    And thus do we move into the time of the loud rhetoric spewing fire-breathers and the unintended consequences there-of.

    One things for sure, this isn’t even close to the end. The mullahs must be laughing their asses off at how easy it is to bait the hubris filled cocky neo-cons.

    Its like a kindergarten dust-up with high explosives

  • gattsuru

    Snark :

    I wouldn’t consider having the strongest military in the country – partly stolen from United States and United Nations funding for the countries repair, partually paid by Syrian fundamentalists leaving behind dirty tricks – and few visible leaders as a weak hand. Hell, I’d consider that a fairly strong one.

    And if you actually thought about the laws of war, instead of just the laws of what Liberals think a country they don’t like should do, you might think Israel was acting reasonably kindly.

    But, hey, that’s just how the United Nations itself reports the stuff, after you swim through the stupid lettering. Hey, maybe the allies shouldn’t have bombed German train tracks just because they shipped around military weapons en masse. A couple civilians – maybe even a few from Great Britain – used them.

    Grognard :

    Right now, the only way Hezbollah can make it out of this with living leaders and a decent amount of political base would be if the United Nations drops in and lets Hezbollan and Hamas-affiliated members join the ‘peacekeeping’ core.

    They can’t afford an act of war against France or Germany or any other United Nations member.

    Not sure why they didn’t use the five hundred already. Possibly logistic issues, or it’s a last ditch effort.

  • SnarkyShark

    And if you actually thought about the laws of war

    What laws of war? You mean like the Geneva convention? Things like that?

    You guys are big on treaties and conventions when it suits your purpose and big on discarding them when they do not.

    I know it is hard to see it in your own world where you are a perfect creature of goodness and light, but believe it or not, those other bit-actors in your self-centered personal sitcom are called real people. And they see you for what you are….a hypocrite. As in, its OK when we do it, but when the wogs do, they are not fairly adhering to the “rules”.

    I remember a certian country that got its ass kicked by a certian bunch of rag tag rebels in 1776, because they were quite hung up on the rules.

    Yeah, Hez is going up against a first class Milatary equipped with the left-over crap that who-ever gave them, which is already proven to be 2nd-class Russian crap already proven to be just that.

    But if you think they got a good hand, that still doesn’t change my assertion that they are playing a pretty good hand. If all you got is splitting hairs, then you got nothing in that regard.

    you might think Israel was acting reasonably kindly.

    I wonder how those dead Canadians families feel about that? Proving only that this is a subjective subject. And by discounting that only Liberals get worked up about “colateral” damage, you have effectivly defined yourself more than you have ‘liberals’.

    This is nothing like WW2. If you keep your head stuck squarely in the dynamics of that completely different scenario, you have no hope of seeing the dynamics of this current conflict.

    Isreal can bomb Lebenon into the stoneage, and destroy the very infastructure necessary to transport the Lebenese army into a posture to confront Hezzbelloh if they want, but what does that do for there argument that they are merely trying to coerce Lebenon into cleaning up Hezzbolah itself.

    Surely you can see the dilemea here?

    Or maybe you can’t. Hard core partisans tend to be blind that way.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I don’t think SS knows how to be “objective and un-biased.”

  • SnarkyShark

    I don’t think SS knows how to be “objective and un-biased.”

    I have been a student of Edmund Husserel all my life. He developed a phillosiphy called “Phenomonology”, which if you educate yourself you will find is dedicated to the art of ridding oneself of ‘pre-concieved’ notions in order to see the actuall reality of the phenomena observed.

    Pre-concieved notions are things like “Isreal can do no wrong”, and “America is perfect no matter what”.

    But just for fun, lets compare my previous thoughts with this piece by noted 4th generation warfare thinker William S. Lind

    Now I know Holly won’t read it cause she instinctivly knows it wont feed her dearly held pre-concieved notions about Isreal, but here are some interesting tidbits for those who are truly interested in understanding the situation.

    Hezbollah then pulled off two more firsts. It responded effectively to terror bombing from the air, which state think is their monopoly, with rocket barrages that reached deep into Israel. Once can only imagine how this resonated world-wide with people who are often bombed but can never bomb back. And, it attacked another state monopoly, navies, by hitting and disabling a blockading Israeli warship with something (I question Israel’s claim that the weapon was a C-801 anti-ship missile, which should have sunk a small missile corvette). Hezbollah’s leadership has promised more such surprises.

    In response, Israel has had to hit not Hezbollah but the state of Lebanon. Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, referring to the initial Hezbollah raid, said, “I want to make clear that the event this morning is not a terror act but the act of a sovereign state that attacked Israel without reason.� This is an obvious fiction, as the state of Lebanon had nothing to do with the raid and cannot control Hezbollah. But it is a necessary fiction for Israel, because otherwise who can it respond against? Again we see the power 4GW entities obtain by hiding within states but not being a state.

    What comes next? In the short run, the question may be which runs out first, Hezbollah’s supply of rockets or the world’s patience with Israel bombing the helpless state of Lebanon. If the latter continues much longer, the Lebanese government may collapse, undoing one of America’s few recent successes in the Islamic world.

    here is where my thinking always invaritably takes me too

    If Israel does attack Iran, the “summer of 1914� analogy may play itself out, catastrophically for the United States. As I have warned many times, war with Iran (Iran has publicly stated it would regard an Israeli attack as an attack by the U.S. also) could easily cost America the army it now has deployed in Iraq. It would almost certainly send shock waves through an already fragile world economy, potentially bringing that house of cards down. A Bush administration that has sneered at “stability� could find out just how high the price of instability can be.

    Pretty heavy price to pay so the Hawks can get their war on, no?

    You may or not believe me, but I just found this piece. In as much as it mirrors my own thinking, it may be indicitive of another mind practicing ‘phenomonology” and those two minds coming to the same conclusions.

  • SnarkyShark

    Who is William Lind?



    Lind is generally recognized as the leading U.S. theorist of non-conventional, fourth generation war, and has recently been helping the Marine Corps rewrite its bible on the subject, the Small Wars Manual. This certainly doesn’t make him infallible, but it at least means he’s operating in the same theatre as reality, instead of attacking straight into the jaws of delusion, which appears to be the preferred military manuever these days

  • Rudi

    I am currently watching Scarborough(Banjo Boy) and the former bow tie wearer is broadcasting from Tel Aviv. Israel is in such a “tizzy” that her citizens are “partying like it’s 1999” quotes Carlson. If Israel and Tel Aviv is so threatened, why no blackouts and curfews? The Israelis and US governmentspropaganda machines are selling this conflict as WWIII. we all know that this is total BS. I heard the ISrael ambassador to the US or UN claim that Hexbollahs attacks are like Canada launching missiles on Chicago. This propaganda sceme is just as transparaentas Bill Kristols objectivity.

    Why are nightclubs hopping if an attack is immient? Maybe the Iranians want Jews all over the world to wear patches.

  • SnarkyShark


    I think you got your neo-con enabelers mixed up.

    Dead intern Joe never wore bow-ties. That could only be Tucker the F***er

  • SnarkyShark

    I am still waiting for Holly to offer up a point by point rebutal of all or even of these points.


    Geeze, you would think a front pager would zealosly defend one of his/her posts. I’ll give Micheal credit, he would have tried for some kind of argument at least.

    I guess Holly is just phoning it in.

  • Pyst

    “Maybe the Iranians want Jews all over the world to wear patches.”

    Whoa Rudi, I did not think of that scenario. Maybe they want them to identify themselves openly worldwide because something really bad is about to take place. If you think about it Israel hasn’t invaded yet like they normally would in the past for some strange reason. Maybe they know something ill is in the wind waiting for them.

    I know, I know, thats mega tinfoil hat wearing stuff there folks, but what if something really sinister is in the boogeymans backyard of south Lebanon?

    Btw, has this threatened barrage happened?

    Nope, and isn’t.

  • SnarkyShark

    should have been even one of these points.

  • SnarkyShark

    I know, I know, thats mega tinfoil hat wearing stuff there folks, but what if something really sinister is in the boogeymans backyard of south Lebanon?

    Its called occupation, sometimes known as quagmire.

    See Iraq war-illegal invasion and subsequent occupation there-of.

  • Salmenio

    Holly in Cincinnati

    Ho Ho….look who’s talking.

  • Gopher Pinieiro

    Lunatics I say. I have a simple explanation for all that is going on in the middle east and in Africa and that is heat. It gets so hot in these areas that the people’s brains no longer function properly. The body functions are optimal at a temperature of 98.6 F. Bodily enzymes and neurotransmitters get out of their rhythm at temperatures even slightly elevated than the optimum, say 101 F. In the middle east and Africa temperatures get into the 120-130 range around this time of the year which are way above the optimum body temperature and therefore the brain reacts in strange ways to compensate for the increase in temperature and acts in strange ways. The result is suicide bombers, mass genocides, firing rockets/missiles at people and bombing terrorist targets. My solution to all this fracas is simple; an Ice Age restricted to that area so the people can just chill the f*** down.

  • SnarkyShark

    Gopher, its a good argument, but how do you splain all the fire breathing hawks who never leave the airconditioned enviorment of their mom’s basement while conducting geurella keyboard warfare?

    Cheeto overdose?

  • Gopher Pinieiro

    Seasonal Affective Disorder is an explanation. This particular disorder is a mood disorder which may result in mania. It stems from the lack of exposure to full spectrum light. Basements are usually dark and the inhabitants rarely get any exposure to the sun due to their extreme basement-living tendencies.
    Living in the darkness they subscribe to the Darth Vader school of thought and therefore the call for WW3 and WW4. I only hope these folks see the full spectrum light(pun intended)

  • SnarkyShark

    I asked, you told me.

    Damn fine explanation, and conviently explaines Jonah Goldberg too.

    Well done man!

  • Rudi

    That was Tucker Carlson at nightclubs at 3:00AM reporting that people in Tel Aviv are partying like 1999. Simon Peres tell Chris Mattews that IDF will not go into Lebanon. An official of Israel gov use an analogy of Canadians dropping misslies on Chicago. These people are lying to the World to justify an attack that was planned for months if not years. I think that Olmert and hardliners in the IDF are having their own little war/powerstruggle.

  • Andrew J. Lazarus

    I remember a certian country that got its ass kicked by a certian bunch of rag tag rebels in 1776, because they were quite hung up on the rules.

    I can’t imagine what rules caused the British to lose. Tactical rigidity, sure, but that’s not the issue. Certainly the Tory militia didn’t play by any rules. Unless there was some way to change the rule that reinforcements needed weeks to arrive in the pre-jet age.

    TITLE: From Bad to Worse?
    BLOG NAME: MilBlogs
    Israel is advising Lebanese to evacuate southern Lebanon hinting (warning?) of a ground invasion? and now reports are that Hezbollah is blocking Lebanese from leaving the southern area — effectively holding them as hostages (human body armor?) And Hezbollah is…

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