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Posted by on Nov 20, 2008 in At TMV, Politics | 0 comments

Napolitano Set For Homeland Security?

Word coming in today is that Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is set to be President-Elect Obama’s choice for Homeland Security Chief. Word is that she is interested.

This is a somewhat logical choice given her background as a border-state governor and her work with Republicans in Arizona but it is interesting from a political standpoint. If she leaves to go to Washington her successor would be Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer.

Assuming Brewer were to win re-election in 2010, then the GOP would have control over the redistricting process and Arizona is likely to gain a House seat this time around.

In addition, Napolitano has been mentioned as a challenger to John McCain in 2010. If she is at Homeland Security, it might be hard for her to leave after such a short time to run for office.

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