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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Economy, Featured, Law, Politics | 11 comments

N.J. Congressmen Furious that Sandy Relief Package was Not Voted On

N.J. Congressmen furious that Sandy relief package was not voted on (via

The fiscal cliff averted, New Jersey’s members of the House of Representatives waited on the Congressional floor Monday night for the Hurricane Sandy aid bill to come through as they had expected. But instead, word filtered through the House that the bill would not be voted on at all. And there was…

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  • I wonder: is this because the Northeast is not competitive politically?

    It’s almost always Democratic, so the Democrats don’t need to curry their favor. And the Republicans will never win their votes, so why bother voting to help them?

  • sheknows

    Supposedly there was some pork thrown into the deal, and supposedly that is why the Republican Tea Partiers said no. However, The pork was removed when it came before Boehner et al, yet they still said no.

    I do not understand their thinking on this. Obviously it has something to do with political majority in the east coast and it is what I view as a power play by the Tea Party. As Barky says ” why bother voting to help them?”. The fact that this calamity has nothing to do with party and everything to do with humanity, falls on deaf ears to these people.

    I doubt the voters who elected these clowns fully understood who and what they stand for. Since they ran on a Republican ticket, most voters assumed mainstream Republican values. They were wrong.

    Since there is such a division in political idealogy and in-fighting between the true conservatives and the “fringe” conservatives perhaps they should distinguish themselves openly to voters. In 2014, they should be on the ticket as Libertarian Republicans, not as simply Republican so the voters can decide if they want to continue this sham of an oppositional congress.

    My guess is, the voters DON’T know what type of Republican they are voting for and wouldn’t vote for them if they knew.

  • zusa1

    What were the Democratic senators thinking when they added the pork to the bill? Here we are, in the midst of “fiscal cliff” negotiations, and these senators jeopardize sandy relief effort by making the bill another example of what is wrong with DC? Were there Democratic senators that had to have their votes secured with goodies?

  • sheknows

    I certainly will not defend the Dems for their pork attempt. That is one issue I take a very hard line on…wasteful spending and pork barrel projects.

    The only understanding I have regarding the bill, is from an interview with King on CNN today. He claims all the pork was removed before it went to the house for a vote. Whether or not it is true..who knows. No one else is reporting, but wait….Christy is about to hold a news conference in about an hour.

    Anyway, the pork problem is BIG..on both sides of the aisle. The Tea Party great cry ( and I agree) is to do away with it, but just May 2011 the Reps were caught with their hand in the pork jar on a $553B bill for over $30M. ( Palazzo, Hartzler, and Schilling) After all the posturing from the TP a year before.

    IF the pork was removed, then of course the bill should be passed, and probably will be, but due to the hypocrisy of the Tea Party on this issue, it wrankles many. After all, ” pork spending is something the OTHER guy does when not in your district”

    Like late Sen Dirksen of my favorite quotes ” a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon we’re talking about real money”

  • rudi

    Pork and foreign aid isn’t what put us at the “cliff.” Entitlements and defence is what is the big ticket items. Neither Dems or Rethugs want to gut their sacred cows…

  • slamfu

    Its the same knee jerk obstructionism that the Tea Party used to stop the veterans jobs project that was fully funded. That they tried to use to prevent help for 9/11 first responders with resulting rescue related medical conditions. And host of other reasonable proposals. It is their stock in trade, its what they bring to the table.

  • sheknows

    I agree Slam, which is why I REALLY wish they had to define themselves on election tickets.
    Christians let each other know which sect they are,and I doubt a Baptist would want to go to a Protestant church if they had a choice.
    Well, Republicans should have a choice too.

  • sheknows

    JUst In…The speaker refused to talk w/ Christy on this issue 4 times!! He didn’t return any calls to him either. One would think, if it really WAS about pork, he would have told Christy that with no problem. Running away says something else! SHAME

  • sheknows

    I have a question for anyone. If the house refuses to pass this bill, what recourse does the President have to offer assistance…any? Would this mean the east coast would continue to suffer? Would private organizations have to step in and raise money? ( more than they already have)

  • sheknows,

    If they punt, the issue gets handed to the new Congress being sworn in on Thursday. The current bill, already passed by the Senate, goes up in smoke, and they start over from square one.

    I’m not sure Obama has much recourse to offer assistance. FEMA’s pittance of a budget is unhelpful, as well as being designated for other things.

    There is a bigger question to me. If we can’t come together on disaster relief, how do we propose to govern the country in a broader sense?

  • sheknows

    Thanks. True…Well anything else that comes up, Boehner will have to confer with his Tea Party first.
    They just said on the news that the bill will come up for vote on Friday. Boehner just didn’t want to approve the 60B right after dissappointing them on the fiscal cliff deal. King reiterated that the pork was removed in the senate before it even went to the house, so it was puzzling why they just coudn’t say yes. Now we know.

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