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Posted by on Jul 24, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment | 3 comments

My Favorite Comedian: John Pinette

As someone who dabbles in show biz at an admittedly different level, I have had a lifelong passion for comedy. And I mean comedy dating back to the silents, to the great comedy teams, vaudeville comedy, burlesque, early TV comedy and stand up. But there is one comedian today who I increasingly feel is not fully appreciated for the genius he is and his ability to keep getting laughs the old fashioned way (by not going X): John Pinette. His comedy appeals to all ages and his timing is about as good as anyone’s since timing-master Jack Benny.

He has an upcoming comedy special on Comedy Central.

Although our political class is providing us with a lot of comedy — and tragedy — these days. Take a few minutes to watch a genuis at work.
The hefty Pinnette’s most famous bit is about a Chinese buffet:

Here’s another bit done some years earlier when he was a bit heavier:

Another famous bit: the water park.

And the first part of a performance that is in 6 parts on You Tube:

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  • Allen

    That was really good.

    “Salad is a promissory note that food will soon arrive”


  • Billman

    I have liked him since I first saw him perform on TV a few years ago.

    It’s also nice to see him slimmed down some. I wouldn’t want to see him pop a gasket because of his weight.

  • He’s one of these comedians that if he had burst on the scene 30, 40 or 50 years ago would be a megastar. It’s harder for people to break out now since film, tv, etc is now more narrowasted than broadcasted. These You Tubes are the first time I have SEEN him. I have traveled with a CD that has his routines on it now for about three years. I listen to them and still laugh. It isn’t that he has an array of jokes. It’s the way he says things, his timing, etc and when you watch him — again like Jack Benny on the radio (BEFORE my time but I have studied his broadcasts) and then on TV — you can see how he enhances his performance by his body language, facial expressions. I like few current comedians as much as him.

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