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Posted by on Aug 19, 2007 in Politics | 2 comments

UPDATED: Morning Debate on ABC

UPDATED: As Nick pointed out in the comments, a transcript is now available.

A Democratic candidates’ debate from Iowa. Finally one on network TV.

Preview from The Fix

Live-Blogging from The Caucus Blog – New York Times.

Live-Blogging from ABC

Overheard Oddities:

Gravel seems to think that the US should ally with Iran?

All of the candidates have been asked to speak about the role of God in their lives and how they use the power of prayer. To me, this question has NO place in a presidential debate. Feh!

The Fix is Now Live-Blogging

MSNBC Post-Debate Analysis

Fox News on the Debate

The Fix’s Debate Roundup: The Silence of the Pack

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  • Gravel seems to think that the US should ally with Iran?

    Considering that Gravel never said the words “we should ally with Iran”, I think some context is in order. Here is a transcript of the portion of the debate I believe Holly is referring to.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to get everybody in on this question. First let me just find out if anybody agrees with Governor Richardson on this question.

    Senator Gravel, do you agree with Governor Richardson?

    GRAVEL: No, I disagree with him. And I disagree with Joe Biden. And I disagree with Hillary.


    Well, stop and think here. Why do we think that we can rule that country?

    This is American imperialism you’re hearing up here. And that hasn’t worked and it will never work.

    Who are we to tell the Iraqis — we’re trying to make them the fall guy, not our stupid mistakes. Oh, it’s the Iraqis won’t stand up.

    I’ll tell you what. Pull everybody out and turn to the Iranians, who helped us defeat the Taliban initially. It was the Iranians. So if we don’t bring the Iranians to help us, or the Syrians, or Saudi Arabia, of course it’s going to be a disaster.

    They have more at stake in that area of the world than we do.

  • Yes, that’s what I thought I heard. He must be crazy.

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