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Posted by on Aug 19, 2007 in Politics | 2 comments

UPDATED: Morning Debate on ABC

UPDATED: As Nick pointed out in the comments, a transcript is now available.

A Democratic candidates’ debate from Iowa. Finally one on network TV.

Preview from The Fix

Live-Blogging from The Caucus Blog – New York Times.

Live-Blogging from ABC

Overheard Oddities:

Gravel seems to think that the US should ally with Iran?

All of the candidates have been asked to speak about the role of God in their lives and how they use the power of prayer. To me, this question has NO place in a presidential debate. Feh!

The Fix is Now Live-Blogging

MSNBC Post-Debate Analysis

Fox News on the Debate

The Fix’s Debate Roundup: The Silence of the Pack

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