More than 1,000 chosen for one-way Mars reality-TV mission (via AFP)

More than 1,000 candidates — from 200,000 hopefuls — have been chosen to train for a private Mars colonisation mission to be partly funded by a reality-TV show following their training and subsequent steps, organisers said Thursday. They are to be…

Guest Voice
  • JSpencer

    Well, it’s an exciting idea (of course), and anyone with a healthy imagination can’t help but be interested on some level. But what exactly is the plan that will keep this from being anything but a well orchestrated and well documented suicide mission?

  • A suicide mission indeed. I don’t really see this ever happening.

  • sheknows

    LOL, well, a “settlement” usually involves living in the natural environment and using the available resources. Why go there if you can stay right here and live in an airtight capsule and grow veggies vertically?