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Posted by on Nov 9, 2014 in 2014 Elections, Politics | 19 comments

Mitt Romney: Democrats Lost Midterm Elections Because They Weren’t ‘Proud’ Enough of Obama (Guest Voice)

Alright, folks, listen up because this is the only time I will likely say this: Mitt Romney is right. Mitt. Romney. Is. Right. As odd as that phrase sounds, in this case it is accurate. Oddly enough, Romney is one of the few Republicans who did not gloat, did not celebrate the new GOP majority in…

Mitt Romney: Democrats Lost Midterm Elections Because They Weren’t ‘Proud’ Enough of Obama

  • Brownies girl

    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anything Romney said either – but what he said, in this instance — about not being proud enough of Obama — is dead on the money. Just goes to show you that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. In a million years, I’ll never understand the Democrat’s lack of loyalty to this man — I hope they grow to regret it — if they even HAVE consciences.

  • sheknows

    Yes Mitt observed what so many others observed. Obama’s party let him down..big time.
    To compound that, Obama went on the news and told the US that the Dems lost because it was his fault. “The buck stops here” he said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why doesn”t he just wear a big sign on his back that says ..kick me.
    He has the absolute WORST advisors a president has even had in my opinion.

    • Slamfu

      To be fair, I’m sure Obama and his advisors are well aware that it wasn’t actually Obama’s fault, but what else is he going to say? That his party sucks and they are all feckless douchebags? Which while largely correct doesn’t exactly do much for Party unity. That was a statement he kinda had to make, take the hit for the team, and get the ball moving forward. I seriously doubt in the last week that the Democrats and their political operatives haven’t discussed in detail that running away from actual accomplishments isn’t a good strategy.

      • sheknows

        LOL..that’s so well said
        “.That was a statement he kinda had to make, take the hit for the team, and get the ball moving forward.”
        Unfortunately, that ball is nowhere to be found now. Taking a hit like that only says to the public that he is a” terrible leader, who is a complete screw up, cannot handle foreign affairs, and cannot inspire a drowning man to get into a boat.”
        This is a man who still has TWO YEARS left to govern. Personally, I would not have revealed that about myself and would have answered the question of why we lost without self effacement…just matter of factly. Save all the guilt and torture for this memoirs. The Dems don’t want to see a groveling leader, head bloodied and bowed. IMO. 🙂

  • Jack Gordon Mills

    I’m not going to jump on the “OMG Mitt Romney was right” bandwagon just yet, and there’s a couple reasons for this.

    First off, Mittens (and I love that the article calls him that) is blissfully unaware of his own shortcomings as a politician, so for him to be throwing shade in this area is…interesting, to put it mildly.

    Second, what really happened here is less about Democrats being “proud” of Obama and more about voters wanting certainty. The GOP message is one of certainty. Even when faced with the fact that trickle-down economics and interventionist foreign policy has been a miserable failure time and time again, the Republican Party never wavers. They are always right, and if something doesn’t work it is the fault of a sinister liberal conspiracy.

    The Democrat’s message of “hey we’re not perfect, but we’re trying really hard” isn’t what voters wanted to hear. Even if they’d got behind Obama and said “everything isn’t great, but we’re headed in the right direction” it would have failed.

  • JSpencer

    Yeah, it was pretty sad seeing all the dems tuck their tails between their legs – but we’ve sure seen that before. Obama deserved a lot better. If dems were as dedicated and forceful about their message as the reps are this election could have come out differently.

  • I wouldn’t have worded it the same way–it isn’t really a matter of being proud–but he is right from the point of view that Democrats made a mistake hiding from being a Democrat. It hurt them two ways. First it gives independents no reason to vote for a Democrat if they don’t stand up for Democratic accomplishments. Secondly, it gave Obama voters far less reason to turn out out to vote.

  • Slamfu

    While I do find it amusing that the way the dems screwed up is so obvious even a stalwart party elder on the other team is shaking his head, it is equally amusing that Romney immediately goes after Obama for what I consider an effective and wise foreign policy action. Namely, it has always been apparently that we don’t want to be the ones doing the heavy lifting in Iraq/Syria dealing with Daesh. Now that the Iranians are finally committing publicly, the air campaign seems to have accomplished its goal of halting Daesh and turning the momentum around, basically now that its all working with a minimal committment on our part, Romney wants to go on record that this successful low key gameplan that is working, isn’t actually working. Lol. That is why I don’t want Republicans in the White House, they just can’t help but want to make a heroic action movie out of foreign policy, with the USA as the star.

  • dduck12

    Actually, BO said it was because only 1/3 voted (paraphrasing).

    • Slamfu

      I’m fairly disgusted at my fellow Americans for turning out in such poor numbers. While I sympathize with the fact a lot of people don’t have 10 hours a week to devote to keeping up on the issues, there is definitely a lot going on and to just sorta opt out of the system when we are engaged in military excursions, have such gridlock, and the economy is trying to get out of a big hole seems like some sort of red flag on the entire system. If people can’t get engaged now what would it take?

      Some of my employees were giving me a little grief about them not getting Veterans day off. Oddly enough, the only one who is actually a Vet was requesting to work that day. The guys who wanted the day off were attempting to give me a little guilt trip about not respecting our soldiers. I asked them if they voted. None of them did. I told them to shut up about who does and does not respect the sacrifices of our Veterans when all they want is a day off to BBQ and drink.

      I’m pretty generous with holidays normally, Thru/Fri on thanksgiving, 5 days for Xmas, another 5 for New Years, 4th of July, all paid time off. But that one really steamed me.

      • dduck12

        People that get stuff for free or little cost sometimes don’t appreciate the stuff, since they deserve or earned it or are “entitled”. 🙂

  • Rambie

    Fears of ebola kept people from voting. Funny how it’s been nearly a week past the election and hardly a word has been mentioned about it.

    • sheknows

      excellent point! Guess it doesn’t matter how many people might get it now…they won!! What could be more important to Republicans than that?
      Makes you mad when you realize that all of these tactics were superficial distractions to keep us from realizing that Republicans don’t actually DO anything but criticize.

      • Rambie

        Even the “OMG. ISIS is coming to kill us all!” panic cry has morphed into a battle cry from the GOP to take them on Rambo style.

        Yes, the pre-election FUD did it’s job and the Democrats did nothing to counter it.

        • “and the Democrats did nothing to counter it.”

          Even if they tried in October it would have been too late. They needed to lay the groundwork for their criticism of Republican arguments ages ago–as Republicans have been doing against Democrats for years.

          On Ebola, Republicans again show both that they ignore science and that they do not respect the rights of individuals. On ISIS they show again that they use terrorism irresponsibly to create fear, while pushing an overly interventionist foreign policy.

          For these responses on Ebola and ISIS to have any effect, the Democrats would have needed to have already established these narratives and stuck these characteristics to Republicans. They have failed to do this.

          • Rambie

            That’s part of the problem, the Republicans play a long game. I know it’s much easier to sell FUD, especially Fear, than calm rational explanations of Ebola and anti-terrorism tactics.

            Once again, the Democrats aren’t setting the narratives for 2016 and leaving that to the GOP. You can see now that the Republicans are already claiming the improvements to the economy, employment numbers, etc. They are setting the seeds they’ll use in 2016 while the Democrats are sitting in the corner.

          • dduck12

            Some people and parties believe in short term solutions and paying the piper later and this leads to the short game.

          • Rambie

            DD, you can’t really beat the “Tax & Spend” drum after the GWB administration.

            The Democrats shortsightedness has nothing to do with the fiscal policy of either party.

          • dduck12


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