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Posted by on May 22, 2008 in At TMV | 10 comments

Madonna of China: Chinese Policewoman Saves Orphan Babies’ Lives by Breastfeeding Them


Most every night, I stay up late-late, long after everyone else is sleeping. I fly over the internet, looking, looking, trying to find something beautiful or restorative to share with you here at TMV, so either you go to sleep with a beautiful idea or image, or wake up with one.

Tonight, finding something beautiful in this wide and groaning world, was easy. Because there is Jiang Xiaojuan, a young provincial policewoman.

Jiang is 29 years old and is the young mother of a little baby herself. Her child is under six months old, and is still being breastfed.

When the earthquake that killed over 50,000 people in China occurred, Jiang’s town was devastated. She put on her uniform and went out looking to help. She first found one weeping baby, and then another young infant… and took them to her breast.

She now is nursing five orphan infants whose mothers died in the earthquake. And she is nursing four other newborns whose mothers are homeless and traumatized… when a nursing mother is severely shocked, her milk flow, you might say, is shocked too and can stop flowing.

As a mother who nursed til her offspring was practically old enough to go to school, and as the mother of a grown daughter who while nursing her own child also gave her nourishing milk to my ailing elderly father (expressed, not nursed)… I feel certain we stand with many mothers worldwide who salute Jiang Xiaojuan profoundly.

It’s a mystery women don’t often speak of publicly, what it’s like to nourish another human being… or many… from one’s own blood and bones. It is, one of the greatest honors in the world.

I think, despite the restrictive and suspicious regime of China, it’s people like Jiang who really represent the true spirit of modern China, the compassionate soul.

Tonight, it was easy to find a beautiful story to tell you. I would that it were as easy on all other nights too.

(And no, some of you guys, she only nurses babies. Real ones.)

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  • WOW! As a father, I salute, applaud, and admire Officer Jiang Xiaojuan.

    It’s a mystery women don’t often speak of publicly, what it’s like to nourish another human being… or many… from one’s own blood and bones. It is, one of the greatest honors in the world.

    My wife spoke much about that point when she was breastfeeding our three progeny. She said the feeling was so deep she just couldn’t describe it fully. All I know is that she looked so serene and happy. WOW again.

    • As a mom I salute the officer. I know such people are rare in today’s otherwise selfish and busy lifestyle.

  • Jack666666

    The coda was unnecessary. We laud her. No need to denigrate us.

  • archangel

    dear T-Steel, your note makes me happy. Thank you. How beautiful for you and your love. And by the way, how’s the writing going? Miss your articles here.

    Dear Jack 666666, Welcome, and I know that words on the screen cant always convey tone. There’s no denigration. I was gently teasing in the softest kind of way. Thank you for your comment so I could clarify.


  • Lynx

    This story was put up on Spain’s biggest news-site yesterday. It’s amazingly touching, though I hope the woman is being given some extra nourishment of her own because with all those babies, she must be getting a lot taken out of her.

    Jack, it’s great that you don’t feel that way, but I assure you that many men do. On the news site where this story went up, there were comments to the effect, though thanks to the joy of down-voting, they soon became invisible.

  • archangel

    Dear Lynx: Thank you for your thoughtful point. I join you in hoping she is given plenty of food and water. I’d heard from one of my contacts on mission, that the orphanages have no dry milk powder/formula for the babies who’ve lost their mothers or whose mom’s are injured. That there are many nursing mothers helping by feeding more than their own child.

    That’s quite wondrous that Spain’s biggest newsite put up the story about Jiang. Imagine if the NYT would do so. Front page/ top of the fold.

    I hadn’t seen the comments at Spain’s news-site. Just lived long enough to know there are lots of different kinds of reactions to poignant matters. Thanks Lynx.


  • Guest

    Absolutely a gift that you posted this, Dr. E~ thank you. I remember a friend shyly asking if I would try to nurse her daughter- the same age as mine at three months- so she could determine if low milk supply was making the child cranky. I didn’t hesitate a moment, as my friend would not have hesitated with me. Jiang is tied in to the deep wisdom.

  • archangel

    thank y ou dear ocean. God bless y our generous heart


  • She has really set a great example! I salute the officer!

  • She’s a hero! Salma Hayek did it also, she breastfeed a child because the child’s mother is not producing milk anymore.

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