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Posted by on Jun 25, 2011 in Politics, Society | 2 comments

Liberation Animation: Non-Aggression Principle

I recently came across an interesting video clip that does a pretty good job at explaining the Non-Aggression Principle, which is the central principle upon which libertarianism is based.

The video was created by Dan, who is the creative director of a website called Liberation Animation. If you like the video, feel free to post it on your own blogs (with proper attribution, of course).

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  • gcotharn said:

    Left liberals readers will require further explication: to take property by force is to commit aggression against the individual.

    Yes, some people (particularly progressives/left liberals) will argue against using the term “aggression” to describe taxation. Some people have suggested using “coercion” as a more neutral/less emotionally-loaded term.

    For me, there is very little difference between the two terms other than the fact that “aggression” always refers to the “initiation of force” or “unprovoked violence” while “coercion” does not always imply that the force being used is unprovoked (though the term is often used to describe situations involving “initiation of force” or “unprovoked violence”).

    I think the important thing to emphasize is that taxation is coercive in nature–that is–taxation is involuntary. Coercion is in direct contrast to persuasion, in which the person being asked to do something, does so voluntarily.

    Most people (with the exception of Harry Reid) seem to implicitly understand that there is nothing voluntary about taxation.

  • DLS

    Who on earth misuses “coercion,” which implies obvious use of force against someone who doesn’t want to “contribute”?

    The word and phrase that are misused routinely, by those who want to take and preferably take enough to satisfy their envy of and their resentment of those who have more, are “fairness” and “fair share.”

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