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Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 in Politics | 7 comments

Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any More Strange

This just in, courtesy of Lady Logician.

Not News: Republicans want Charlie Rangel to step down.

Kind of News: Democrats want Charlie Rangel to step down.

Worthy of Onion News: People actually think Charlie Rangel would step down.

Congressional Republicans are again demanding that Congressman Charles Rangel step down as chairman of the House tax writing committee, saying his ethics problems make him the poster boy for institutional arrogance.

And here’s a new twist. Highly placed Democratic sources told CBS 2 HD they have discussed the possibility of using one damaged New York politician to get rid of another.

It centers on having Rangel resign, and giving Gov. David Paterson a dignified way to leave Albany by running for Rangel’s congressional seat.

Have any of these people looked at Rangel’s district lately? Take me to Vegas and have me lay odds on any of three possible scenarios. I’ll give you the following odds out of the set:

A: Rangel losing an election in his district: 1%
B: Obama lowering the deficit: 6%
C: Aliens landing and giving us a new, free, limitless energy source that runs on wishes: 93%

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  • Cindy Whitehair

    Yeah I thought you would have fun with that story! I couldn’t believe it when I read it myself….


  • Cindy Whitehair

    Or Utah ever going for a Democrat candidate for President 99%.


  • JeffersonDavis

    Great article!

    Rangel should step down (at least from the Committee).
    However, I haven’t studied up on the reasons behind the DNC wanting Paterson out.

    Someone fill me in.

    • The short version, JD… Paterson’s approval ratings are hovering around 22% here in New York. He’s up for election next year and right now it looks like he would lose to Nixon’s ghost. They would like to get him out of the way because State Atty. General Andrew Cuomo is waiting to run and has a roughly 75% approval rating. But he doesn’t want to be “the white guy who shoves the blind, black guy out of office.” The national party wants Paterson out because even as he insists he’s running, if he does he’ll probably just be handing the governor’s mansion to the Republicans. Obama himself sent him a message asking him to step aside, but so far Paterson is flipping them all the bird.

      • JeffersonDavis

        How can that be, Jazz? I understand the political bullying, but something strikes me as odd.
        If his approval rating is 22%, wouldn’t he easily lose the primary? With a 75% approval rating, Cuomo should walk right into the general election.

        Am I missing something? What do the Dems gain by forcing him out?

        • Sorry for the delay, JD, but I was out of town last night. The part I probably didn’t explain very well is that Cuomo *would* win a primary battle in a walk, but even though he’s been very open about his desire to be governor, he has not officially announced that he’s a candidate. He doesn’t want to have to *force* Paterson out of office by running against him in a primary, debating him, criticizing him, etc. and his spokespeople have been very clear on that. Paterson is still very popular in certain districts, particularly in the city. Also, while they don’t say it out loud, Cuomo is white and from one of the privileged Hudson Valley power families. He really doesn’t want to be viewed as having forced out the blind man who is one of only two black governors in the nation right now. He would FAR prefer to run in an open primary for a seat being vacated by the governor voluntarily stepping down. (Which would effectively mean an uncontested primary for him.) When Paterson’s numbers started to seriously tank, it was assumed that he would simply fill out Spitzer’s term and quietly go away. But so far, he’s not inclined to play ball. This leaves Cuomo in a bit of a sticky situation which is playing out before our eyes right now.

  • DLS

    “Paterson’s approval ratings are hovering around 22% here in New York. He’s up for election next year and right now it looks like he would lose to Nixon’s ghost.”

    And as someone who lived for two years in Upstate New York as well as followed events there and everywhere else, I have to wonder aloud, who would replace Paterson?

    We face a similar situation in Michigan, which also suffers from self-destructive Dim-wit dysfunctionality.

    (At least here, we have at least one prominent Democrat in the state capital who has made some refreshingly, in fact, remarkably intelligent remarks and decisions, especially for a Democrat in a sclerotic Blue Nation environment, and who deserves first chance at becoming the next governor here, Andy Dillon. It’s a relief compared to dysfunctionality-and-self-destructive-nonsense as usual Dim-wit behavior and breathy, vapid almost-Dowd-like blathering we routinely encounter from our current Dem governor, Granholm.)

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