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Posted by on Jun 12, 2009 in Media, Politics, Religion, Society | 4 comments

John Avlon’s “Wingnuts of the Week”: Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Pastor Wiley Drake

Centrist writer John Avlon has named the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Pastor Wiley Drake as his “Wingnuts of the Week” on his weekly CNN American Morning segment — Wright for his comment about “them Jews” supposedly keeping Wright from talking to President Barack Obama and Drake for his repeated statement that he is praying for Obama’s death.

Avlon also notes that when people stoke the flames of hate and polarize and divide it is NOT what most Americans (Christian and non-Christian alike) would consider Christian behavior.

Here’s how the former Chief Speechwriter for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani begins his explanation of his piece on his CNN blog:

A new survey by the Pew Research Center reaffirms that America is a religious nation, but it also shows that young voters across the political spectrum are turning away from the inter-mixed influence of religion on politics.

This week’s wingnuts on the left and right offer examples of why the separation of church and state is making a common sense comeback for this new generation – the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Pastor Wiley Drake.

Go to the link to read it all.

And here is the segment as it aired on CNN:

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  • Janjanjan

    About time somebody came right out and said exactly this.

  • christoofar

    ain’t “Organized” Religion fun?

  • DLS

    1. Reverend Wright in his own way reminds me of the people who have made the city of Detroit here in Southeast Michigan into a basket case since 1967. They’re a bunch of aging, retrograde or regressive, Sixties-retread chumps.

    2. As for the dishonestly over-hyped, actual extremist Religious Right, I’ll say it again, for it’s still true: I have yet to hear anyone proclaim that Obama is the Anti-Christ. (“Obama-Marxist, Obama-Marxist, Obama-Marxist” by Glenn Beck, say, doesn’t count nearly as much for entertainment value purposes.)

  • lesteria

    Really? Watch Alexandra Pelosi’s documentary about the right, wronged shown on HBO after the election and you will see President Obama labeled as the anti-christ many times. If you want a faster take on this, go to and read the interview with Alexandra Pelosi. She states she heard this repeatedly on her trips to different states during the run up to the election. She said it was repeated over and over to her daily. Check it out. Those right wingers are responsible for inciting this current climate.

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