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Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in At TMV, Business, Crime, Economy, Education, Mental Health, Society | 2 comments


The start of each new calendar year is full of positive dribble, and too much happy well-wishing and irrational optimism. I’ve heard this endless “crapola” for over 50 years. Why do so many people engage in such perennial delusional thoughts and willful denials of reality?

I’m not going to wish anyone a happy and prosperous 2013. An individual’s success or failure (be it personal, familial, tribal, business, professional, gangster, criminal syndicate, or whatever) depends upon a variety of factors. Luck, money, connections, and any combination of these three can easily trump all other attributes such as education, intelligence, experience, kindness, ethics, hard work, and any combination of them. Whatever I sincerely hope for or insincerely wish to you is completely irrelevant.

To our unethical leaders and greedy wealthy overlords, the vast majority of human beings are completely irrelevant. That viewpoint probably extends to humanity’s collective future existence on this planet as short-term profits trump everything. That realization might actually free oneself from needless obligations and frustrations. Satisfaction comes more from ignoring the false matrix that has been created to ensnare the majority of people.

It is up to each individual to make the most of whatever situations are presented. Except for a small group of people, pursuing great goals is a complete waste of time, brain power and energy. Aim low and expect little – at least one won’t be disappointed in oneself or one’s fellow human beings. Finding activities to safely amuse and please yourself, those you care about, and some other people that might benefit from your existence, might be reasonable goals for 2013.

I plan to challenge more of the fallacies of the fraudulent status quo. I don’t anticipate making many friends during this process. Since I’m outside the matrix, I fully anticipate the opposition and ostracism when I point out the truth to those still trapped inside. Most people and organizations of significant societal, economic and political influence will not even read (or even care about) my ideas and critiques but I am compelled to make them – just to keep my sanity.

Today TMV readers do not have to plod thru my standard 2,000 words to reach the end of this internally-inconsistent and arguably dysfunctional post. This particular season often causes such strange ruminations. I plan to file many more TMV posts in 2013 than I did during the past 2 years. You are forewarned.

Submitted on January 1st, 2013 by Marc Pascal, ranting from cool and sunny Phoenix, AZ.

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  • zephyr

    What you say resonates with me (more than I wish it did) but I wish you a Happy New Years in any case Marc.

  • KP

    I wish you the best, Marc.

    @Marc “It is up to each individual to make the most of whatever situations are presented.”

    Exactly. So let us focus on what we can change.

    How? We can be most helpful to others in areas where we have struggled mightily and prevailed. In my view, those special circumstances are part of the reward of having overcome the difficulties we all experience. How we handle those challenges is part of our character and ensures we can assist others do the same.

    There is another type of mentoring and it is done in communities. Who we are is the sum of our habits; it is how we habitually act. Web sites like this one can be powerful avenues to change. Being truthful with one another provides the opportunity to learn. It’s never too late. Sharing with others makes available support we need to grow.

    NFL Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy said “Success is measured in changed lives, strong character and eternal values rather than in material gain, temporal achievement or status.”

    Stay positive — the results of our efforts short term will result in long term change. Think about of pebble thrown into still water and the ripples in the water as your sphere of influence. That is how I have tried to raise my family and try to treat others. I strived to be fair, consistent, maybe even unpopular at times short term; but confident mutual love and respect would prevail long term (a life time).

    Nothing that happens on Wall Street or in the White House or Congress can dampen the mission we share; a happier and healthier life within our families and communities . I hope more will adopt a similar positive mind set. Like the vote, your attitude matters.

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