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Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in International, Internet, Places, Religion, Science & Technology, Terrorism, War | 1 comment

ISIS Launches ‘Kilafahbook’: The Facebook for Terrorists (Bild, Germany)

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Apparently tired of Western restrictions on their blood curdling Tweets and Facebook posts, Germany’s Bild reports that the throat-cutting geeks of ISIS launched their own social network three days ago. Looking suspiciously like Facebook, the ISIS jihadis have dubbed it ‘Kilafahbook’.

They have shared their cruel deeds on the Web in order to attract the world’s attention to themselves. Now the jihadists seek to push their use of social networking a step further.


One study found that there are more than 45,000 Twitter accounts spreading the terrorist militia’s violent, psychopathic message, but now ISIS seeks to push its online success even further: three days ago it launched its own social network!


With the network platform “Kilafahbook,” the terrorists can circumvent prohibitions and rules of “Western” social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Twitter, for example, is cracking down hard on ISIS, disabling users who are tied to the organization.


What is ‘Kilafahbook’?

The site can be used by ISIS followers who want to stay in touch and recruit new members.


The page is apparently hosted in Egypt and is quite obviously trying to imitate Facebook. The principle behind it: the familiar interface will spur its use more quickly, as most people (especially the young) are already familiar with using Facebook.


Another reason the login page is designed to be so similar to Facebook is so people can log into their existing Facebook account through Kilafahbook. And because ISIS wants the site to reach as many people as possible, it is available in seven languages, including English, German and Spanish.

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