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Posted by on Oct 8, 2006 in At TMV | 1 comment

Isaac Seeing Life In A More Positive Light

After all the attention he received throughout the conservative blogosphere, Isaac is far more positive now than he was just one month ago:

A month ago, I was anxious and depressed. Today, I have an excellent lawyer and my financial worries are gone.

Well, although he is close to solving his financial problems he can still use your help. From the 2500 dollars legal fees, he has already received 2000. Only 500 to go. If you could… please consider helping Isaac achieve this amount…

As I wrote before: thanks to all who linked to the articles about his problems, who read it and helped him collect valuable information, and, of course, to those who donated money.

All your support is greatly appreciated, both by Isaac, by me and by many, many others.

In this regard: a special thanks to John at Old War Dogs for his active support for Isaac’s cause – without his compassion and action Isaac would not be where he’s at now. Thanks John.

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