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Posted by on Feb 19, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Iran And Syria Confirm Axis Of Evil Is An Axis

Iran and Syria — considered by some to be Bobsy Twins of enabling and encouraging terrorism — have formalized the Axis of Evil with their announcement Thursday that they will form a “united front” to combat all threats.

This is clearly aimed at the U.S., which due to recent events connected to both countries has sharpened expressions of displeasure with both countries. According to The Christian Science Monitor:

The joint announcement, which came after a meeting in Tehran between Iranian Vice-President Muhammed Reza Aref and Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari, “coincides with a sharp increase in regional tensions following the assassination of [Hariri] by a suicide car-bomber on Monday,” reports the Australian.

Though no specific evidence has yet linked Syria to the attack, many in Lebanon, and throughout the region and the world, blame Damascus. As a result, the US withdrew its ambassador to Damascus, Margaret Scobey, on Tuesday for urgent consultations. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refused to say how long Ms. Scobey would stay away from her post, and said Washington has “an increasing list of problems with Syria,” reports CNN.

And then there’s this:

Iran and Syria didn’t specify what they meant by “challenges”, but both countries are under US economic sanctions and the targets of US pressure.

“The Iranian-Syrian axis deepens a pre-existing concord of unlikely friends,” writes the Australian.

Indeed, the Australian also notes:”Iran funds the Hezbollah movement, which operates with Syrian approval in the south of Lebanon, and both nations support radical Palestinian factions that are based in Damascus.”

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