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Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Crime, International, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology, Terrorism, War | 7 comments

‘Hypnotized’ Western Public Wakes Up to Obama Abuses (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)


Has President Obama lost Europe? And has power corrupted him to the point that he has betrayed not only his professed ideals, but his Nobel Peace Prize? Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung columnist Matthias Rub finds the events leading up to his administration’s confluence of scandal too suspicious to be written off as mere coincidence.

In just one of a series of articles critical of Obama from Europe, For the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Matthias Rub starts off this way:

With drones and spies: The White House is leading a secret war against its opponents. It also has journalists in the crosshairs. They are persecuted as ‘co-conspirators.’

It has taken months, even years, for the apparently collectively-hypnotized Western public to want to notice, never mind want to question, the secret drone war waged by President Barack Obama. Didn’t the politician with the messianic rhetoric promise that, under his leadership, America’s wars would abate, and that through dialog – especially with the Muslim world, he would restore the superpower’s tarnished image across the globe? Not to mention that Obama, who portrayed himself as a figure of great historical transformation, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in his first year in office.

It is now known that by December 2009, when Obama accepted the Nobel Prize in Oslo, he had already ordered more secret drone attacks than his predecessor George W. Bush during his entire eight years in office. After three years of the White House under Obama’s command, twice as many terrorist suspects (and hundreds of innocent civilians listed as “collateral damage”) had been killed by drones as had been imprisoned in Guantanamo under Bush. Meetings between Obama and his top advisers, during which the president uses a “Kill List” prepared for him by the intelligence agencies and approves whether or not to pull the trigger on the next suspects in the Hindu Kush, the Arabian Peninsula, or the Horn of Africa, are held on “Terror Tuesday,” in the jargon of the White House. That Obama’s drone war will free or even secure America and the world from the lash of Islamist terrorism is something hardly anyone believes anymore.

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  • sheknows

    And here I thought the US had the most trash newspapers!! LOL… Even the photo looks like something you would see on one of our supermarket rags. 🙂

  • dduck

    Powerful, biased, article, like it or not. Please feel free to call out any factual errors.

  • bluebelle

    Bush didn’t use the drone program through his entire presidency because it was still being developed. Most Europeans were vehemently against his preemptive attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. So, if we don’t use drones and spies to take out our enemies and don’t start new ground wars — what are our options in controlling al queda??

  • The_Ohioan

    Herr Rub has all the hallmarks of a Tea Party afficionado with references to conspiracy theories, messianic rhetoric, and insistence that only he and those like him have any reservations about the drone program. One really wonders which American newspapers and blogs he has been reading!

    It would be interesting to know whether if he could complain about his own president, he would be less critical of our president…

    Section 90 of the German Criminal Code.

    1) Whosoever publicly defames the President of the Federation, in a meeting or through the dissemination of written material (section 11(3)) shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years.

    Or of how a Tea Party member would fare in Germany…

    Section 188 of the German Criminal Code

    (1) If an offence of defamation (section 186) is committed publicly, in a meeting or through dissemination of written materials (section 11(3)) against a person involved in the popular political life based on the position of that person in public life, and if the offence may make his public activities substantially more difficult the penalty shall be imprisonment from three months to five years.

    People – glass houses – stones.

  • zephyr

    his administration’s confluence of scandal

    I’m sure his detractors wish this “confluence” rose to even a fraction of the level of incompetence and damage committed by his predecessor – most of which we continue to struggle with in some shape or form. Of course the predecessor and his legacy must never be mentioned by said detractors. It is the law! Back to your regularly scheduled hyperbole…

  • dduck

    Time for ShannonLee to clarify things for us.

  • The_Ohioan


    That’s what I was thinking. Our very own foreign correspondent!

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