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Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Business, Economy, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology, War | 0 comments

Hugo Chavez and the Anomaly of Latin American Islamization (La Vanguardia, Spain)

Is there any historical basis for the alliance between certain Latin American nations and Islamic fundamentalist Iran? For Spain’s La Vanguardia, apparently exasperated columnist Pilar Rahola says that, “If Simon Bolívar were raise his head and see Ahmadinejad and Chávez in his noble land, he would die a second time of pure shame.”

For La Vanguardia, Pilar Rahola writes in part:

At what point did they lose all sense of proportion? How can they reconcile undigested readings of Marx with the most fundamentalist version of the Quran? How do they marry the postmodern imitators of Che Guevara with the bearded, tie-less types defending the most tyrannical form of Islam? How do you raise the banner of liberty while supporting one of the fiercest dictatorships on earth? Probably, as usually occurs, it isn’t in vain that they all consider figures like Stalin to be heroes.

But even accepting the ideological perversion that unites Islamists and Bolivarians, it’s difficult to imagine the cosmopolitan society of Caracas applauding a guy who condemns women to death by stoning. Beyond the periodic distress that nations are prone to suffer, nothing in the Venezuela’s history renders the recent madness understandable. And, if we delve deeper into the nation’s memory, how perverse it is to stain the name of an illustrious and brilliant Freemason like Simon Bolívar with a delirious and violent demagogue like Chávez! Were Bolívar to raise his head and see Ahmadinejad and Chávez in his noble land, he would die a second time of pure shame.

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