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  • SnarkyShark

    Well, someone like Dick Durbin would have said it sounded like something you would expect from a third rate dictatorship.

    Then KKKarl Rove would smear him as being unpatriotic and for the ‘terra-ists, and large segments of the population would have bought it and then procede to reward the very ones who brought us this kind of thing, with re-election for the bad actors.

    And then said population would go back to their comfort zone of believing that the US could never do or act like a third rate dictatorship.

    Truly a pathetic chapter in our history.

  • Pyst

    “I was just doing my duty” would probably be what these “doctors” would say in defense of themselves.

    Seems we’ve heard that excuse before at Nuremberg.

  • Chippedchips

    Wanna find out something really scary?

    Check out your own state, then state by state, that once a medical student enters “medicine” just how many of them are flunked out and how many are even are allowed to drop out.

    After checking it out for yourselves, it should come as no surprise to anyone as to why the quality of doctors across the enitre spectrum of medicine is off by a mile.

    The same can almost, but not quite, be said about law students and political science majors.

    I think that all three of these proud close knit self governing groups first college classes are cover your ass 101 and cover up for everybody elses ass 102.

    TITLE: Whatever happened to the United States?
    BLOG NAME: Middle Earth Journal
    Recognize this guy? OK, he’s even before my time. Well it’s Dr. Josef Mengele. So what does this have to do with our United States of America. Well Joe Gandelman directs us to Doctors Without Ethical Borders by Andrew Sullivan with this question:

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