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Posted by on Aug 4, 2006 in At TMV | 9 comments

How can there be peace in the Middle East?

Over at State of the Day, the home blog for Reaction co-blogger Creature, Ted has written a great post on the situation in the Middle East, arguing that there won’t be a lasting peace until Israel’s right to exist is recognized by its neighbours (and enemies). It’s a view I share.

You can find the post here.

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  • Hasn’t been peace there since the birth of written recorded history. People who actually think there WILL be peace there are out of their minds. History speaks for itself, and usually repeats itself unfortunately.

  • AustinRoth
  • Salmenio

    Our troops in Iraq are in great danger. Bush sits on his arse and says duhhh twenty times. Tens of thousands of shia decend on Sader City screaming incoherent support for Hezbullah. The post Saddam “get-along” affair between the Iraqi Shia and U.S. troops is now over.

    Thank You Israel for caring about nobody but yourself….yet again.

    I know I know…we will just come together and clean the midleast of all Arabs and all things Arab in a Grand war of slaughter. Then what? Occupation?

    Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahaha…… mean WE the U.S. will occupy millions of square miles of desert while you sit in your little corner and call yourself a useful ally. What a deal.

  • A Moderate.

    This is the :neoconservative” context. Historically our goal has been less radical. That of a controlled cold war.

    Some are now redefining the problem in apocalyptic, end of history terms. By destroying Lebanons infrastructure, blockading it so no food or fuel can enter Israel will some how enforce a final solution for that country.

    Since it does not work it wil be nececessary to get the real villians, Syria and Iran since they cause all the trouble and once destroyed utopia will be established.

    Thus a small militia becomes an existential threat to Israel. Yet it kept the 48 hour ceasefire better than Israel. The cold war could be resumed. It has been set back in terms of general relations.

    Or we can follow the final solution. Destroy the bad guys. All will be well as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just don’t be surprised if you get 10 dollar a gallon gas, key supply linmes cut in Iran and all sorts of real consequences and when the smoke clears the war remains. In new and more virulent forms.

  • Sal,

    You mean the Chinese are occupying those hundreds of thousands of square miles…they’re the ones financing this excursion for us! heheheh

  • Salmenio


    Yeah, because we can’t afford to pay back those bonds, no way, no how.

    Its pretty sad when even the republicans are tuning against this administration.

  • Chippedchips

    How can there be peace in the Middle East?

    Everybody stop shootin at each other comes to mind.

    All that has to be decided is who’s going to be willing to stop shooting first.

    I guarantee that shooting won’t stop until everybody to cease firing, including the people in this blog if they don’t stop the diametrically opossite crap being written here and read all over the world.

    Keep fanning the flames and prove me right!

  • Chippedchips

    I sincerely wish that at least one of you people had military/combat experience..then you would know, and maybe you’d shut the hell up and cease at least one fanning the flames!

    I do have the satisfaction of knowing that if this mess DOES explode into a full blown war and the U S enters into it…that some of you younger folks age 35 and under, WILL get a personal taste of war for yourselves because the U S military is already understaffed and YOU WILL BE DRAFTED.

  • MichaelF

    How can there be peace in the Middle East?

    Everybody stop shootin at each other comes to mind.

    All that has to be decided is who’s going to be willing to stop shooting first.

    Chippy Chamberlain is at it again . Earth to Chippy . Telling everybody to stop shooting at eachother is not a plan .

    All that has to be deceided is who’s going to stop shooting first ? In most major wars that kind of ction would constitute a suicide pact .

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