You got it. Hillary. A political analyst reports that Texas Dems want Hillary. Independents are solid for Hillary. And 20% of Republicans (and more) would vote for her.

That was on Texas local news and has been picked up by the Hill:

To invert the words of a famous song: “Something is happening here, and what it is is exactly clear.” What is happening is that Texas has begun the process of becoming blue, due to:

(1) sweeping demographic changes with rising tides of voting groups friendly to Democrats such as Hispanics, women and younger voters, to cite just three;

(2) a new generation of younger Texas Democratic officeholders who are the seed corn of the coming power structure that will succeed great Texas Democratic icons such as Lloyd Bentsen and Ann Richards, to name just two;

(3) the deep-enders of the far right, who are now threatening primaries against more moderate (and more electable) Texas Republicans at the very moment that rising stars among Texas Democrats are making a powerful bid for the political center in the Lone Star State. …The Hill blog

Seems like the “deep enders” are making Republicans’ life hell in quite a few states…

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  • slamfu

    So its not Texas that wants Clinton in ’16 so much as Texas Democrats. Which isn’t really a surprise because democrats all want Clinton to run in ’16.