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Posted by on Sep 29, 2008 in At TMV | 6 comments

Guess What?

Outgoing Israeli PM Ehud Olmert says in an interview that Israel must withdraw from nearly all the West Bank and East Jerusalem in order to achieve peace, and says that the focus on maintaining control over particular “strategic” chunks of land as more important than reaching a permanent peace deal is misguided.

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  • Holly_in_Cincinnati

    Olmert is wrong. Jerusalem must not be divided and I am willing to sacrifice my life to prevent that. No, that does not mean that I want to be a suicide bomber. Millions of Jews and Christians would have to be murdered before the Palestinians could take East Jerusalem.

  • A noble statement, but my suspicion, Holly, is that you are not going to be the one sacrificing your life. It will be an unknown quantity of Jewish residents of Jerusalem who will pay the penalty. I have no intrinsic problem with granting Palestinian control to predominantly Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem — and I’m certainly not willing to demand my fellow Jews die for the territory.

  • Holly proves, once again, that the two sides in this conflict are more alike than different.

  • amen, Chris.

  • Silhouette

    Dissenting view…

    Israel needs to get real. The US is not in a position to defend Israel right now and it is true that they are Johnny-Come-Lately occupiers in that region. They seriously need to back off the Palestinians and put their religious extremism on the back burner for awhile.

    I know the sites they want to occupy are “sacred” to their religion; but being alive is more sacred I would think. The jews took a big hit to their population in WWII and the last thing their ethnic base needs is another sweeping genocide. Time to stop wagging back and forth at the wailing wall, sober up and start talking compromise.

    Religious fanaticism will be the death of them I think. Nobody wants them to stop worshipping how they do. They just want them to wake up and look around at the reality of fighting over ancient religious relics and start looking at getting along and staying alive.

  • pacatrue

    Note that Olmert only says this after he’s out of power.

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