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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Energy, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Race, Religion, War | 0 comments

Great Satan and the Zionist Entity: ‘Arabs Swallow the Iranian Bait’ (Al-Iraq News, Iraq)

Is Iranian aid to the Arab resistance a fake – and is Iranian hatred of America just a prop Tehran uses to further its own interests at the expense of Arabs? For Iraq’s Al-Iraq News, columnist Faris Haidar tells his readers why Iran is no friend, and that far from wanting to help the Arab world, Tehran’s machinations to preserve the Syrian regime have only one goal: To resurrect the Persian Empire under a religious banner.

For the Al-Iraq News, Faris Haidar starts out this way:

Congratulations Arabs. After decades of independence, thanks to the folly of our rulers and the plotting of others, we find ourselves under the hammer of a new colonialism represented by the Persian ghoul. Amazingly, under the banner of religion, it is doing the impossible: restoring the glory of the Persian Empire. Its path is a fabricated hostility toward the Great Satan (America), and virtual hostility with the Zionist entity. And its passport to infiltrating our Arab world was the closure if the Israeli Embassy in Tehran and its replacement with the embassy of Palestine.

In the beginning of what is known as the Iranian Revolution and in the name of the resistance launched by the Iranian leadership, many sons of Arabism swallowed the Persian bait, and aided Iran’s organization of control and hegemony over our Arab world. They proclaimed that the road to Jerusalem led through Baghdad as if Baghdad were like Washington in its support of the Zionist entity and animosity toward the Arab nation.

Since 1979, what have the Persians ever done to help Palestine and support the opposition and resistance in our Arab world?

Let us answer the questions many people are asking with facts clear enough for anyone willing to hear. Those who are blind to the truth are either participating in the Iranian scheme or are receiving short-term benefits they will little time to enjoy.

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