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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Featured, Law, Politics | 4 comments

GOP seeks to stop Obama’s judicial appointments


Yes, indeed. The Republicans are trying to maintain a stranglehold on our federal court system — and particularly the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. The DC Circuit Court is an important “feeder” to the Supreme Court.

The Republican majority on this court has been able to advance aspects of the GOP’s anti-regulatory agenda that the party has failed to accomplish legislatively. Last year, for instance, the DC Circuit struck down a set of environmental rules 20 years in the making that would have held states responsible for pollution that leaked across their borders. The DC Circuit’s conservative majority would shrink considerably should Obama succeed in getting all of his nominees confirmed. That’s why Republicans have been blocking Obama from filling those three slots. (Overall, Obama’s judicial nominees have waited an average of 277 days before getting a confirmation vote, compared with 175 during the George W. Bush administration.)

Along with trying to filibuster Obama’s nominees, the GOP has come up with a clever scheme to shrink the number of judges on the appeals court to deny Obama vacancies to fill. …Stephanie Mencimer,MoJo

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  • sheknows

    This government has come down with a deadly virus that is threatening the entire welfare of the population. It infects every aspect of our government, from gubernatorial to Supreme court. It seems to mutate faster than we can find a cure. More and more people become infected by the airways daily. The symptoms appear to be different for a lot of people but most common is:
    1. Lethargy: unable to care about the health of our nation.
    2. Feverish: likely to rant and rave about God and His laws
    3. Delusional : strong belief that harming others is a GOOD thing
    4. Spastic mouth syndrome: an overwhelming urge to spout off about things they have no knowledge of.

    Scientists now believe if enough really concerned people get together as opposed to isolating themselves, in the month of November, they can by their very amassed presence, destroy this virus.

  • slamfu

    There needs to be a new process for appointing judges. Federal appointments being held up has been an ongoing issue for quite some time.

  • PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor

    I am on record as saying it is wrong to block appointments like this regardless of who is in the White House but I feel it worth pointing out that at least one of the DC vacancies goes back to 2005 (in fact it is John Roberts seat).

    I presume those who now object to the GOP doing it were also opposed to the Democrats doing it under Bush (or perhaps some think it ok when it is done by the Dems)….

  • sheknows

    It depends Patrick. As much as I like to crawl into the security of the “both sides do it” argument when I feel threatened by some truth, it is only fair to examine the entire picture.
    Republicans have already shown their rather unsavory influence on SCOTUS in part, so naturally we Dems tend to worry about these things.
    Blocking appointments is wrong, and neither side should do it. It is the president’s right and his decision alone by constitution. However, the real point of this article is not to show an objection and a blocking by the Republicans. It shows yet ANOTHER obstruction, after ANOTHER, after ANOTHER by Republicans. Dems didn’t do that to Bush…but they should have, a lot more often than they did. He got off easy with a few blocked appointments IMO.

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