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Posted by on Dec 6, 2013 in At TMV | 3 comments

Google’s Doing Evil in the Eyes of Some


Annette Shaff /

It’s going to be interesting to see how Google explains this if and when they make a public statement.

While it’s true that lobbying and joining lobbying groups is business as usual for the modern corporation for a company such as Google that purportedly prides itself on progressive social policies and doing their best to minimize their contributions to climate change to support the right wing groups that they’ve begun to support, including joining ALEC, seems contradictory to many and outright evil to some. Remember that motto of Google’s? Do no evil?

ALEC is an enthusiastic opponent of pretty much all environmental regulations. They have a history of opposing gay rights. This organization deserves funds from Google? But of course it isn’t just ALEC that Google is spending money on. They contribute to Ted Cruz’s political campaigns. They support Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform, which might seem logical for a corporation working hard to avoid taxes.

It will be interesting to see what kind of blowback there might be from this information coming to the attention of more people who detest ALEC but have liked Google. I’m one of them and I’m not sure yet if I’ll turn my back on Google but it’s tempting.

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  • sheknows

    Google also contributed over $800k to Obama’s 2012 campaign.
    They seem to have loyalties which may further their business interests, hedge their bets and help to keep them as politically “neutral” as possible. Hey…they are a corporation. Their only loyalty is to themselves and to whomever can give them something they want.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    thanks Jim for giving this window on Google. It has become a sprawling empire, and as with empires, the ‘kings’ have a hard time keeping an eye on all the subjects… and endeavors. There is much good within Google in terms of talent and creative souls, who also do good in their ‘creative giving groups’ which are organized around service to various needs of human beings.

    But there also, like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons, and many more of the ‘moguls and barons’ are many exploits meant only to dominate. I see that it is a game some men play, whether with small nations, or corporations which themselves are often like a string of island nations– to dominate a people or a market, and have a sideline of also giving from their very deep coffers to those less fortunate in ways that sometimes the corp itself helped to devastate. Such hard irony.

    Phillip Morris whilst killing everyone to death who smoked, was also one of the greatest funders of Latino and Black and other minority projects, including arts projects. A prominent person objected to people taking mon ey from PM, and we had to ask prominent person, where else they thought minorities could gain the money for their social justice projects and works in the arts. And prominent person sheepishly admitted his own foundation only funded ‘known’ parties, not the unknown and struggling poor of any race.

  • petew

    It may sometimes be easy for a mega-company like Google to rationalize it’s alliance with conservative causes Because, as sheknows so aptly explains, most businesses which actually make and accept contributions, care only for furthering their own ability to make money and create an ever more prosperous business. And thus, they frequently play both sides of the political coin in order to insure their future success. But, c’mon man! How can a website which is apparently so dedicated to providing virtually every bit of knowledge available on any given subject, and which provides access to articles and information, representing each and every side of virtually any controversy, now supposed to contaminate its operational model by supporting dubious and biased interests like ALEC, or, by giving and receiving support from its many powerful affiliated special interest organizations? Where the circulation of uncensored and free information is concerned, the attempt to deliver such a fountain of information made available for all, should be done with the understanding that business models can rise to a more elevated level than just being money making games!

    The organization, Alcoholics anonymous has long recognized the dangers of allowing others to pull their purse strings, and thus eventually gain control of the message they deliver–accepting no more than a $1000 donation (the last I heard) from any person or political, religious, or philosophical group…etc…etc.

    I think it is important that Google remembers the spirit behind making itself one of the best ideas ever conceived, and I think a definite message about the free and unbiased dissemination of information provided freely to all, is the very important message it needs to perpetuate. It would be a shame if the company helps suppress real and true information for its own personal or political gains, and eventually dilutes the material it covers, by highlighting or neglecting certain articles or topics in ways that diminishes its reputation as a provider of honestly diverse knowledge.

    It can be easy for individuals to lose track of where their investments are made—especially when relying on investment companies and stock brokers—after all, even Bob Dylan was unaware that his portfolio contained investments in Dow Chemical, which produced the notorious chemical, “agent orange.” But after discovering this fact he hastily told his investment managers to cease buying stock and otherwise quit supporting companies like Dow. But, when it comes to a financial giant like Google, how can the morality of their transactions be rationalized when made with direct oversight by executives—employed, rightly or wrongly with the specific task and sole purpose of making more and more money.

    there are few people or things in this world that survive untarnished. I hope Google re-evaluates its affiliation with such grossly dishonest interests like ALEC, so that it can remain one of those nearly untarnished things!

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