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Posted by on Sep 25, 2006 in At TMV | 9 comments

George Allen Says The Latest Charge About Him Is Not True (UPDATE 2)

Senator George Allen’s camp says the Salon article (posted and chain-linked below) quoting some former associates as saying he has used the “n word” in the past is categorically false.” They place the blame on the Webb camp. Details here. They also just posted this.

But then a reader sent me this and this.

We will NOT be doing a blow by blow on this issue on this site, even though some readers say we could increase readership if we do. Each time we run something, another side sends something. We will report on major shifts in the campaign. We normally would not cover this campaign at all but it first burst into national news with the controversy surrounding the Webb camp running a cartoon that some considered anti-semitic. Then George Allen more than compensated for that by getting himself in trouble.

If you want to read point, counterpoint, counterpoint-point, counterpoint-point-point then GO HERE.

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