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Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Business, Education, Health, International, Places | 0 comments

For Chinese in U.S., Jeremy Lin Ignites ‘New American Dream’ (China Daily, People’s Republic of China)

It seems everyone appreciates the meteoric emergence of Jeremy Lin as an NBA superstar. But as far as Beijing’s news masters are concerned, Lin is nearly a miracle worker. In this editorial from the state-run China Daily, the young Taiwanese American is credited for, among other things, improving China’s image, helping to change ‘stereotypes and prejudice regarding Chinese-Americans,’ giving Chinese fans a new champion after Yao Ming retired last year, and ‘serving as an incentive’ for Chinese sports officials.

The China Daily editorial says in part:

Lin’s success could help change stereotypes and prejudice regarding Chinese-Americans, who are usually thought of as doctors, lawyers, financial analysts or musicians rather than athletes.

Lin’s sensational rise to NBA stardom reminds us of Yao Ming, who retired in 2011. But thanks to Yao’s height and the grueling training he experienced in China’s state-sponsored sports system meant he was marked out to play basketball. Lin, on the other hand, at 6.2 feet tall, the Harvard economics grad has demonstrated that athletes of Chinese descent can succeed without such help.

For Chinese-Americans, Lin’s stunning success has ignited a new American dream, and he can serve as an incentive for Chinese sports officials to renovate the nation’s sports system more rapidly.

And the hard work, discipline and creativity Lin displays on the court will help boost China’s image. And he will help reignite the passion for the sport among Chinese fans that faded after Yao Ming’s retirement.

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