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Posted by on Jan 7, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments


I’m not in favor of these slavery apologies because I think they are pointless and condescending and only provide more ammunition for reparations movements, which I’m against as well. However, this foolishness must be exposed.

As New Jersey prepares its “slavery apology” tour across the state, some local politicians aren’t really down. This one actually thinks we should be grateful for being enslaved. New Jersey weighs becoming first northern U.S. state to apologize for slavery – IHT. Yes, that’s it. We should put on a “slavery gratitude” tour.

Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll states that blacks should be happy that slavery happened, otherwise we would still be in Africa.

“But, on a current note, if slavery was the price that a modern American’s ancestors had to pay in order to make one an American, one should get down on one’s knees every single day and thank the Lord that such price was paid. To the extent that America — or New Jersey — ever owed any kind of debt to anyone, that debt was more than repaid through the blood and suffering of 650,000 federal soldiers who died or were wounded during the war provoked by slavery. No one today need feel the slightest guilt, as no one today participated in the wrong.”

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