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Posted by on Oct 15, 2008 in Media, Politics | 4 comments

Favorite Joe the Plumber Tweets

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ATask: Hottest costume this halloween: Joe the Plumber

Kevin Drum: Is “Joe the Plumber” going to be the new “Joe Sixpack”?

seldo “Joe the Plumber for Obama” hat now available on Zazzle. Already? [link, t-shirts too link]

Paul Carr: I reckon McCain has absolutely nailed the plumber and autistic children vote… McCain finishes on a little dance. Nice touch. But perhaps a bit gay for Joe the Plumber.

mattfromseattle: The real question Mr. McCain, is what are you going to do to save Plumber Joe from this Koopa Troopa epidemic?

sleath123: Maverick, Maverick, Maverick…Plumber Joe, Maverick…Maverick, Joe Plumber, Avoid the Question, Palin is a disgrace, Maverick

nathanziarek: I think McCain solidified the “Joe the Plumber” vote.

CRA1G Holy crap: McCain is going to dump Palin as VP; replace her with Joe the Plumber! It must be true…I read it on the Internet.

jimleach CNN graph wants Obama for president and wants Joe the Plumber to fix its pipes

hugooc I’ve had enough of McCain. I’m voting for Joe The Plumber.

ryanbeckwith Question: Did McCain campaign vet Joe the Plumber?

ocean11 Now the networks get to beat up on McCain, Joe the Plumber did pretty well

DemocracyPress Anyone want to bet the press reports tomorrow that Joe the plumber can’t stand McCain?

wynterdaze “Over 20 mentions of Joe the plumber by McCain, alone” – NBC news

thinkshiv Here’s the debate scorecard – McCain: 9, Obama: 32, Joe the plumber: 70….Joe the plumber for President FTW!!!!

gbond whoa that was fast! both McCain and Obama have Joe the Plumber Google AdWord ads linking to their own site

65,000 views right now. What are our guesses for this time tomorrow?

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