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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 3 comments

False Flag in Syria: Action Only Hitler Could Admire! (Argumenty i Facty, Russia)


When it comes to the U.S. and Russian narratives on Syria, it appears that never shall the twain meet. Columnist Andrei Sidorchik of Russia’s Argumenty i Facty considers the Western case for action against the Assad regime not only factually false, but logically absurd, and the product of a foreign policy intent on only one thing: installing a more compliant tool in Damascus.

For Argumenty i Facty, Andrei Sidorchik writes in part:

This [chemical weapons] attack is obviously not advantageous to Assad, and is clearly beneficial to the opposition. The classic postulate of detectives is “look for who stands to benefit.” In this situation, any reasonable person would have to conclude that the Syrian opposition is under grave suspicion.

But in Western countries, the diplomatic corps is evidently not present in the reasonable people camp. It belongs to the executive camp, which is why it now publicly asserts that there is no doubt about the culpability of government forces, which supplies a pretext for military intervention.

The military forces of the United States and its satellite countries have begun to congregate along Syrian shores, ready to plunge the country into irreparable chaos, extirpate tens of thousands of civilians, and condemn the survivors to penury and lawlessness. That is, to lead Syrians down the “path of Libya.”

All of these damned lies, all of these innocent victims, are required to achieve a singular purpose – to alter an objectionable political regime. The motto, ascribed to the Jesuits, “the end justifies the means,” is today emblazoned on the flags of Western democrats.

After all of this, words about human rights passing through the lips of these politicians are as absurd as Adolf Hitler’s pronouncements on world peace after Poland was invaded in September 1939.

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