Imagine a Watergate rewrite blaming George McGovern for not stopping Nixon’s criminality.

Such false balance emerges as Bob Woodward flogs a new book about last year’s Tea Party-driven debt-ceiling crisis that leads him to indicting Barack Obama’s response.

Woodward describes Republicans, with Eric Cantor undermining his nominal boss John Boehner, as “a brick wall, with a cement wall behind it, with a steel girder behind that.”

The he pivots to a monumental non-sequitur about the President: “But you have to find some way to break through or get around that to solve the big problems.”

Say what? At a time when public perception of Barack Obama is overcoming the caricature Republican zealots have been painting of him for four years, Woodward comes forward with the suggestion that his response to them should have somehow been more tactically agile or slyer or whatever?


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  • slamfu

    I am firmly convinced there was nothing Obama could have done to break that impasse. Cantor and company were set on creating a crisis out of a procedural issue and the only thing that got us through it was public opinion that was going to make them look bad. They made that, not the president. Our credit rating is lower now because of their idiocy. Woodward is way off on that one. The GOP has publicly stated they are going to do what it takes to make Obama look bad enough to lose, which obviously includes holding up everything they can and then pointing at Obama and trying to blame him for nothing getting done.

  • yoopermoose

    I wish, just once, that any of these people saying that Mr. Obama should have found a way to work with house republicans, would tell us what that way would be. Just one hint on what could have been said or done that would have unlocked the republican stonewall.

  • ShannonLeee

    Good old bob is more interested in access than he is the truth. Calling out the House Reps as being more unreasonable than any political body in recent history would be very damaging for both the party and the access bob needs for his next book.

    The days of deep throat are over. Bob is only worried about his next million.