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  • Anonymous Jim

    I certainly wish his opponent would have won but before he gets kicked out shouldn’t he be at leastindicted first?

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    He’ll be indicted and soon. Maybe he can share a cell with Jim Traficant.

  • Now What?

    It’s a test isn’t it?

    Will the Democratic majority and leadership do what’s right for all as they have promised ?

    What’s right by Congressman Jefferson; a full,fair and public investigation by DOJ that is speedy and thorough. Seat him as requested by the people of Louisiana to his seat as he is innocent until proven guilty. Maybe even a special Congressional investigation committee chaired by the Congress Waxman.

    What’s right by the American public. Expulsion of Congressman Jefferson from Congress if he is indited, if he fails to step down on his own. No committee assignments while under investigation.

    The whole country is watching Leader Pelosi, what’s it going to be? Stand up to the Black Congressional caucus and put Jefferson under the microscope, or sweep his 90K of cold hard cash back in the freezer.

  • RandyB

    I haven’t followed that election and now find his re-election somewhere between baffling, unthinkable and totally demoralizing. However, the electorate has spoken and until (as A.J. notes) he is at least indicted, it’s probably inappropriate to undo the democratic process.

    Upon investigation it should be a slam dunk for an ethics panel to find cause to recommend discipline just short of removal. Then upon indictment or conviction strip the rascal of any remaining benefits or privileges and bounce him out.

    That is, of course, unless there is a perfectly reasonable and justifiable explanation – like the rest of us have for storing tens of thousands of unreported dollars in our freezers.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Please see Polimom‘s excellent post linked to this post.

  • Kim Ritter

    I’m wondering what is taking the Justice Dept so long. They found 90 K in his freezer, their investigation was going on pre-Katrina, and they seized incriminating records from his congressional office last year. What does it take to indict an obviously corrupt congressman these days?

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