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Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Health, Medicine | 0 comments

Emergency Room Overuse by Kevin Purcell DC

Bronze sculpture of man in Malcesine

My son -in -law is an ER physician. So are some colleagues of mine. My brother a PI attorney.

There is some kind of disconnect going on. Patients are coming into emergency rooms with rolled ankles by ambulance. Kids being brought in at 2:00am with fever whose parents never tried Tylenol?


I wonder if physicians and nurses are concerned about litigation? Few will dispense medical advice over the phone anymore. It’s always ‘you better check in to answer that question’. Of course primaries are not available for weeks.

If you end up drunk outside your house somebody is going to call police, fire and an ambulance. School clinics require a child to have an MD note to come back to school; employers need works slips to return an employee to work. There is lots of money to be made.

My view, we need more docs willing to step up and step out.

We have a troubled medical legal system. Not just medical. Medical-legal.

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