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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in 2012 Elections, At TMV, Media, Miscellaneous, Politics, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 5 comments

Early Romney Voter Remorse?

If a majority of voters elect Mitt Romney president next Tuesday, I believe many will very soon feel a strong sense of having been fooled by his campaign rhetoric — soon feel a profound remorse about their voting choice. Indeed, I think it likely that many voters already do.

This is because many voted early in key states. And these votes were cast after President Obama’s abysmal showing in the first presidential debate, and during a period when Governor Romney’s ‘don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain’ strategy was playing out so successfully — the man behind that curtain being one who ran a Wall Street vulture fund, the one who sounded so perfectly in sync with Tea Party ideas during the primaries.

In some ways and in some places early voting is working quite well for Democrats and Mr. Obama. But a combination of circumstances may mean this time around it proves the key factor in a Republican and Romney victory.

So much of life’s disappointments are the result of acting too soon when waiting a bit longer would have paid big dividends: ‘I should have held on to my Apple stock’; ‘I should have waited for that better job offer’; ‘I shouldn’t have hooked up so quickly with that guy/gal before certain things were revealed about him/her’.

That’s individual early action remorse. Hopefully, a national early action remorse doesn’t prove disastrous this election season.

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  • Rambie

    If people vote for Romney thinking he’s going to be a moderate, yes, I think they will get “buyers remorse” before too long.

  • Rcoutme

    Rambie, I think all people who vote for Romney (with the possible exception of the top 0.1%) will have voter’s remorse. He will say anything to get elected; that is the hallmark of a good manager (something Romney is excellent at). He does not have convictions; those get in the way of success. Thus he is permitted to say anything and do anything to get elected, since that is the current task at hand. When it comes to actually being president, he will say and do anything to get the results he desires. Therein lies the danger.

    When it comes to running a company, success is the bottom line. When it comes to being president, success (in the form of getting whatever is obtainable toward one’s objective) without convictions will be a national catastrophe. Will Romney’s first term objective be a second term? If that is the case, then expect him to do or say anything necessary to obtain that objective. That could include:

    1) throwing the middle class and poor under the bus while claiming to do otherwise
    2) getting us into another war, in order to look tough
    3) ignoring climate change in order to pander to those who donate to his campaign
    4) ignoring bank and finance fraud, in order to pander to those who donate
    5) Making choices against the conservative sector in order to pander to the liberal sector
    6) Making conservative choices to pander to them

    Inconsistency will be the most likely hallmark of a Romney administration.

  • galero

    I have American citizen remorse that Romney is a citizen of this country.

  • rudi

    I have American citizen remorse that Romney is a citizen of this country.

    I have American citizen remorse that nearly 50% of this country vote for the like of McMahon or Murdock. The Republicans need a new generation of Bill Millikens…

  • Jrdl4n3

    Romney is getting the job done to pull the far right in our corner;however, just like “Obowma”, if he does not get this deal right, he’ll be a one term deal too.

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