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Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in History, Journalism, Media, Satire | 0 comments

‘The Dumpies,’ ‘The T-Rumpies,” ‘The Falsies,’ and The ‘Fakeys Awarded by a Flakey Flack for Putin’ Prizes are today!

I hope TMV is in the running. Just think of the attention, the glamour, the splendor of the evening.

Letting my white hair down and putting a live white orchid behind my ear. Adjusting my long black gown and applying my red lip gloss… stepping onto the stage before the audience of millions…

Yes, thank you, thank you so much: I accept ‘The Fakeys Awarded by a Flakey Flak for Putin’ prize, in honor of being put down and being still standing, unleashing the truth of reasoned people in every direction.

I’d like to thank my editor in chief, Joe Gandelman one of the great truthtellers of our time, even though as a Jew he controls all news media everywhere, and all our writers here at TMV, Shaun Mullen and Arif and Dorian de Wind and others for also being fearless truthtellers worthy of this prize .

I’d like to thank my mother and father for teaching us never to lie or cheat or grab people by their ‘parts’ or fire them from their honestly executed jobs.

I”d like to thank the nuns of my childhood for teaching us that the Devil exists and to resist with all one’s might his machinations, and that also existing are Guardian Angels, Saints, and Creator, and that you know them by their goodnesses and interventions, and Satan is easily spotted as The Prince of Lies.

I would like to thank my children and grandchildren [see there they are right in the front row happily smiling] for giving me a worthy quest to fiercely fight for their futures that I will not live to see.

And too, my teachers throughout life who never hesitated to say, that Truth given out by thousands and millions of persons will ever be stronger than the most subtle or loudmouthed lie.

We are no longer uneducated farmers, or 1950s believers or 1960 ostriches, or 1970’s obedient conscripts, or even 1990 loyalists to lying people we thought were telling the truth.

Truthtelling in certifiable, verifiable facts following the inquiry and rule of law has never had a greater opportunity to trounce and defeat deleterious lies.

Thank you everyone. Thank you. I will put this award to good use, to pull together and not tell ‘more’ of the truth, but LOUDER than ever before.

Starting with Hitler: He tried to ban the presses: he claimed they were against him, the little man. He mounted a propaganda machine that he outlined in his writings, to distribute false news, to try to make the citizenry confused about what was true and not true. By bleating over and over again that the media was promulgating false news, he convinced some that they ought be on his side, the great Hitler TruthTeller.

If one reads the ‘machine’ of his time, Germany was ‘winning winning winning’ the war, when in fact it was losing badly, when in fact the young of Germany and its allies were being slaughtered. He did not care. He cared nothing for the lives of those who were not him and his.

It cannot be said often enough. If you want to know the current regime, read Hitler’s writings. There’s not only the past but also our horrendous present, with all its racism, bigotry, hatefulness, destructions, being built as we speak. Divide and conquer was not just a saying of the ancients.

She steps into the wings, holds the prize close to her body. Looks heavenward, says “Give me strength and many more days and years yet.’ She looks down at the prize, which she will share with all her journo colleagues. It seemed at first to be a pair of horns, as if to gore the recipient. But she can see, even the prize cannot stand its awarder, and has transformed itself into the shape of a crystal heart. A heart that has a heartbeat that speaks Truths to Lies.

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