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Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Business, Economy, Education, Law, Media, Miscellaneous, Politics, Society | 2 comments

Don’t Let Mommy War Linkbait Distract From Policy Preferences & Differences

Did you know that working moms who don’t watch Fox are socialists? Neither did I.

But then I asked some folks on Twitter, who were beating up on a friend of mine who is a left of center lady, not unlike myself, and was on Fox this morning (the national cable version, not the local), if they could link to the clip about which they were razzing my friend, since, being a working parent, I don’t watch the morning news shows because, well, I’m working – and parenting. (I know – many of us have the television or radio on in the background while parenting and working but that is not the norm in my home at all – way too distracting; I can parent & work at the same time, but add cable morning news shows to the task list and I’m on overload.)

And their response to my simple and, if I might say so myself, civil request (intended to allow me to make an actual judgement on the razzing they were giving my friend which included them saying that the way she said the word “privilege” regarding Ann Romney was in a perjorative way) was to tell me that, for saying I was working, parenting and not watching Fox, I spoke like a “true Socialist.” Later tweets included mentions of their belief that I envy male anatomy and some other things that have nothing to do with anything, except to demonstrate perfectly how the motherlode of all linkbait is the often-called always-maligned Mommy Wars.

If ever there was a subject in need of being limited to civil discourse-only, this has got to be it.

Read the rest at the Civic Commons (where this working mom works, from home and from wherever civic engagement takes me).

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  • zephyr

    Sure would be nice if “civil discourse” was the default position when people make their replies to the posts they (sometimes bother to) read and the issues and events they (sometimes bother to) learn about. I made the mistake of listening to Sean Hannity on the radio for about 3 minutes yesterday. Pretty incredible how much BS can be generated in such a short amount time. I was kind of impressed despite myself (in the same way someone might be impressed by the length of a tapeworm.) In any event, the tempest surrounding Rosen and Romney is pretty overblown imo. Romney has always had available to her anything she wants, all the help she could ever ask for at the drop of a hat, never had to worry about where the next dollar was going to come from, never had to want for anything. So if the expectation is that she will be some sort of credible spokesperson for womens issues in the Romney campaign, I’d say she would be very, very good at it – for the 1% of women who share her life experience that is. The same goes for her husband in a more general sense, but that’s old news.

  • Dr. J

    Jill, your writing is reliably reasonable and fair-minded, and I’m among the readers who appreciate it. I hope you don’t let the twitter snipers get to you.

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