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Posted by on Jan 12, 2018 in Bigotry, Media, Politics, Race | 0 comments

Don Lemon Cuts Off Mic of Panelist (MUST watch videos)

What do you do when you’re an African-American who is a cable new anchor discussing Donald Trump’s (latest) racist comments calling Haiti and Africa “shithole” countries and a conservative talk show host uses a word to characterize you that is a…racist stereotype?

If you go by how some of the media has behaved since Trump came down that elevator, you might ignore it. CNN’s Don Lemon decided to give him one more chance, then cut his mic off. Which was not a big loss to intelligent discussion.

Here’s the segment.

And here’s an earlier part of the discussion:

And CNN commentator Anna Navarro (a Republican) didn’t mince words in condemning Trump’s comments, either:

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