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Posted by on Dec 17, 2006 in At TMV | 7 comments

“Directions On Iraq” In The Eye Of The Beholder

There’s a special weblog event going on right now on the Iraq issue via one of the most reasonable centrist voices on the internet, Dave Schuler:

It is my pleasure and honor to introduce a blogging colloquium at The Glittering Eye, “Directions on Iraq�. This colloqium is an extended cross-blog conversation on Iraq. Its participants have been selected based on knowledge, experience, and credentials.

Over the next few days the participants will be posting the presentations of this colloquium at their own blogs and I’ll be linking to them here. I’ll also be linking to a number of adjunct posts—recent posts on Iraq in which I see particular merit.

Here’s a good start (and he welcomes comments):

Read this. And read this.

This is a very serious discussion by some highly thoughtful people (just look at the mini-bios of the contributors) and it could go on for a while, perhaps until the 20th. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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