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Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Featured, Politics | 4 comments

Democracy Day: Let’s Make the Next Election a National Holiday

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I’ve written about Vermont senator Bernie Sanders before. The will-he won’t-he possible Presidential contender has a lot of great ideas, and whether or not you believe he has a snowball’s chance of winning the presidency, it’s clear that he will, at the very least, continue doing everything he can to steer the national political discussion in a productive direction.

I might be a big Sanders fan, but even I didn’t know about one particularly excellent suggestion he made recently: to institute a national “Democracy Day,” which would make major US elections national holidays.

The why is obvious: the 2014 midterm elections saw the lowest voter turnout in 72 years. While I’m as desperately fed up with our leaders as the next guy, failing to turn up at the polls doesn’t send a message so much as it simply waves a white flag. We surrender, is now the American people’s message to Washington. Do as you will.

Senator Sanders recognizes this, and is calling on us to support the democratic process and our important role in it. With that in mind, he has put forward a bill to make Election Day a national holiday—as it should have been from the start.

You can read about the bill, and pledge your support, here.

While voter fatigue is understandable, it’s unacceptable that more than 60% of our citizens don’t feel sufficiently invested in the process to even take part. And when you single out young people and low-income Americans, that number rises to about 80%.

We shouldn’t be forced to take time off from work to help decide the future of our country. We shouldn’t have to choose between making a living and getting invested in the democratic process. Campaign and election reform as a whole needs to become a serious priority in this country right now, but as first steps go, Democracy Day is a good place to start.

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  • The_Ohioan

    Commercial entities will fight this tooth and nail and the low income workers that already have to work on holidays (and hold two jobs to make ends meet) won’t be much more able to work in a vote.

    What could be done, is to make it easier to vote where you are, rather than at the polling place nearest your residence. That would take a massive data base that worked perfectly on the (increased) two or three days it was needed. Hey, we sent a man to the moon.

    Seriously, mail in voting is the easiest method, maybe with pre stamped envelopes sent to each residence. Like the other, you can’t fix “voter stupid” either; you can just make it easier to not be stupid.

  • JSpencer

    I view anything that makes voting more accessible as all to the good. I think this is kind of a brilliant idea, but TO’s suggestion may be more practical. Of course any serious attempts to include more people in the process will be met with hostility from those who depend on a constricted and “managed” version of democracy in order to stay in power.

  • Slamfu

    I would support this. In fact, I can think of no other days that should be as sacred to us as Americans, so that makes this an ideal candidate for national holiday. Be nice if they could make elections on a Friday so we can get a 3 day weekend out of it too.

    But yea, mail in voting is about the easiest thing in the world if you have your crap together to even a modest degree.

  • KP

    I like it.

    Perhaps the holiday or voting day could be placed on a Saturday to ease some commercial entities’ concerns.

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