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Posted by on Oct 30, 2007 in Politics | 0 comments

Dem Debate Details & Blogging

Tonight (Tuesday) at 9 PM ET at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA, televised on MSNBC and live-streamed at


MSNBC Analysis: What must Obama do?
MSNBC Analysis: Is Iran the top issue in this debate?
MSNBC First Read’s First thoughts: Debate at Drexel
MSNBC First Read: Obama, Edwards, Clinton Oppose Mukasey for AG
MSNBC First Read: Richardson’s Closer in IA?
MSNBC First Read: Clinton’s counterpunch?
MSNBC First Read: Biden wants focus on foreign policy
MSNBC First Read: What are the politics of hope?


MSNBC’s First Read
Chris Cillizza’s The Fix (Washington Post)
The Caucus (NY Times)
AMERICAblog Democratic Debate Open Thread 1
AMERICAblog Democratic Debate Open Thread 2
AMERICAblog Democratic Debate Open Thread 3

SORRY FOLKS! Shortly after I put up this post, Time Warner Cable went down and I lost both my Internet and sub-basic cable TV package!

Guess What? Trying to watch on gets the response: “Sorry. This video is unavailable.”

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