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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in At TMV | 0 comments

Dedicated Teen Gets More Than He Was Expecting

Sometimes you just see stories that restores your hope in people.

The owner of an Indianapolis restaurant was out in front of his business one morning when a young man walked by and asked for directions. The man told the teen that it was quite a long walk and suggested he take the bus. The teen thanked the man and moved on (surprising the man who expected to be asked for bus fare).

Some time later the man was driving with his wife when he again saw the teen walking and decided to give him a ride. While driving to the destination they learned the young man was raising two of his younger siblings following the death of their mother. He was walking because he didn’t have money for bus fare and was headed to an interview for a minimum wage job.

The couple also learned he hadn’t eaten that day so they gave him money for lunch, but what they didn’t tell him was they had a lot more in mind.

They got his name and number and later contacted him to offer a job at double the salary of the minimum wage job.

The story has since gone viral and people are stepping up to offer more help for the young man, including free bus passes, gift cards and other similar offers of support.


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