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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in At TMV | 4 comments

CORRECTION: Outdated State of the Union Poll Report Has Been Deleted

EDITOR’S NOTE: We ran a post before on a CBS News story we picked off of a highly reliable and must-read site that aggregates news stories and blog posts but it turned out to be a year old. We regret the error. When we get a new news story with polling that is properly dated we’ll run it. We weren’t the only website to run this old story and not realize it was old — but we don’t intend to make the same error again.

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  • The_Ohioan

    Are you sure? They just showed it on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word” – Jan 25, 2012. Surely they wouldn’t slip up that badly.

  • That poll was picked up by another site. The story was run on memeorandum. It was actually dated 2011. How do I know it was WRONG? Because the person from CBS WHO WROTE IT emailed me. It said 91 percent approved of the speech, up from last year. But last year was 2012. I’m sure MSNBC did what I did: looked at the source article and the day BUT NOT THE YEAR. I have traced the site that ran the erroneous poll, and they later corrected it at the bottom of their post. But NO there was NO POLL this year that said 91 percent approved of the speech. TMV has been getting lots of hits on that story but the page is gone. I believe four or five other sites picked up the same source material because it was on the news aggregator. I don’t normally double check to see if a story was done LAST YEAR…but I will from now on. This shows how erroneous info is inadvertantly spread. I mean, mistakes are made: just look at the politicians we have in office. I don’t know if the other sites that picked up the ancient news story fixed theirs but within a minute of getting the email from CBS I pulled the post, which had been up there probably an hour at most.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    You are in good company,Joe. The Ed Schultz show had the same poll results last night

  • The_Ohioan

    And good on you – you’re better than MSNBC.

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