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Posted by on Apr 10, 2009 in Media | 5 comments

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Slams Fox News On Its Obama Will Get Your Guns Narrative

One of the most jolting aspects of President Barack Obama’s victory has been the fact that some Republicans that denounced “Bush derangement syndrome” are now painting his administration as not just one they oppose because it’s run by a different party with different policies, but as one that wants to destroy what America’s founding built — and take away everyone’s guns.

And Fox News seems to have found its niche comfortably in that context, as a key conveyor of this message via its talk show style news opinion shows and even in occasional headlines in those little blurs under the screen when news is delivered.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez clearly had enough of this — and looked at political narrative versus reality in the segment below. Sanchez also deals with a prevelant conservative talk show theme that polls show Obama is one of the most polarizing President noting something we’ve noted here: how could Obama not be polarizing when Fox News and conservative talkers locally and nationally are painting him as someone not just dangerous on policies but a socialist (in some cases called a fascist) and a clear-and-present-danger to maintaining America as it has been and cherished constitutional rights that Americans worked and died to protect?

The grave implications of setting up opposition as your-whole-country-is-at-stake-it’s-time-to-save-America has been discussed elsewhere and seems to have some emerging implications for the GOP as a party (see upcoming post). Here’s the Sanchez segment:

FOOTNOTE: I long considered Sanchez’s segments some of the best on CNN. About a year ago I was invited to be on one of his segments as the “center” blogger. Sanchez does his homework, is passionate but his passion is backed up by his research, and knows packs a lot of content into a small amount of time. Sanchez also blasted Fox’ Shaun Hannity on another matter in February.

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  • The grave implications of setting up opposition as your-whole-country-is-at-stake-it’s-time-to-save-America has been discussed elsewhere and seems to have some emerging implications for the GOP as a party…

    That bothers me as well. We have this tendency in politics to hyper-inflate rhetoric in political opposition. It’s like a sport. Who can blast political opposition the hardest with the biggest verbal bombshells! YAY!

    The problem with this way of business is that it’s hard to put out the flame but it’s easy to keep it growing. And it takes away from all rational discussion and keeps us in LOONYVILLE. Like I wrote in an earlier post here, President Bush isn’t and never will be Adolf Hitler, and President Obama isn’t and will never be Che Guevara.

  • elrod

    Conservatism has descended into self-parody because it is out of ideas. Conservatives have no plausible response to the economic crisis facing America so they resort to bizarre and paranoid rants about teabagging and gun-grabbing. I imagine this is what the left felt like after 1968 when the country turned away from FDR/LBJ liberalism for 40 years. Nothing but frustration and sometimes violence, which just turned the country further to the right. This is what happens when your side loses power.

  • Guest

    Paint Obama as a Fascist or Socialist? Does it matter that he is Fascist (firing GM’s CEO) and Socialist (contolling position in AIG)? There are more examples, but he is, factually speaking, both of those things.

    I am not saying that some have not gone overboard in their subject matter or presentation.

  • superdestroyer

    Rick Sanchez acted like a jerk. He talked over his guest the entire time. CNN did their normal thing where multiple liberals gang up on the single conservative. To dismiss Barack Obama’s political career has having to relevance reeks of derangement.

    Also, TMV has had many posts where most Americans see nothing wrong with being a socialist and then you try to make a federal case when someone calls the Obama Administration socialist.

  • JSpencer

    As a centrist I find the descent of the republican party into paranoia and negativism to be a disturbing trend. How is the current bizarre incarnation of a once rational and and strong party going to provide credible checks and balances of the democrats? If those responsible republicans who still exist wish to see their party respected again in the future, they will need to step up to the plate and start denouncing standard bearers like Beck and Limbaugh with some vehemence and backbone. That would at least be a beginning.

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